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How Planet DDS Supports Rapid, Sustainable Growth for Lone Peak Dental Group 

By Planet DDS
November 18, 2022

As a rapidly expanding pediatric dental group, Lone Peak Dental Group required an end-to-end practice management solution with cloud imaging to ensure their practices could collectively track metrics and meet KPIs while continuing to provide top tier patient care. Now, with 70 offices across 15 states, Lone Peak relies on Planet DDS solutions Denticon Practice Management and Apteryx Imaging to support their needs as they continue to scale. 

Lone Peak Director of IT, Chris Biggerstaff, talked with us to explain how Denticon and Apteryx support rapid growth while enabling greater overall efficiency. “When we chose Planet DDS, we were looking for a centralized platform,” Biggerstaff explains. “It was clearly the best value for the price point. It’s also reliable and accessible 24/7 from anywhere we need it.”  

With Planet DDS, Lone Peak has everything they need on one platform for easier collaboration, inter-office cohesion, and greater efficiency necessary to continue scaling their business and consistently improve KPIs. Additionally, remote capabilities and ease of use translates to a better work-life balance for doctors and administrators who can easily complete some of their work at home if they prefer. 

Dental Software to Support Expanding Dental Groups 

Lone Peak maintains a rapid growth trajectory and commits to onboarding new practices onto Denticon within 60-90 days of closing with the practice. All practices on one platform ensure that metrics are consistently tracked and reported.  

Prior to using Planet DDS, practices were using multiple products and platforms to track metrics, manage patients, and review patient information such as X-rays and dental history. Administrators and managers were tasked with generating reports from disparate systems which was challenging and took a lot of time. Additionally, as many offices relied on onsite servers, providers on call were unable to access software remotely from their homes. 

“Data is very important to us because it helps us immediately see issues and quickly course correct,” Biggerstaff explains. “Prior to using Planet DDS, office managers would run multiple reports, including financial analysis, and combine them into one report to make them look good. This was very time consuming. Now with Planet DDS, we get everything we need in one place.” 

Clear Metrics to Support KPIs for Dental Providers 

Clear and accessible metrics was a key consideration for Lone Peak, knowing that consistent data review is essential to sustainable growth. Denticon provides a customizable dashboard to track and manage practice specific metrics, as well as metrics for the entire dental group. 

“Our doctors are able to see their own numbers, as well as numbers from offices around them,” Biggerstaff says. “This drives healthy competition. It also encourages collaboration, with offices reaching out to each other for advice when they see an office has a higher performance rate.” 

With Denticon, data can be easily generated into a report, and data are consistently reviewed to ensure KPIs are being met. If they are not, Lone Peak can review data to pinpoint issues before they turn into bigger problems. 

“Planet DDS has allowed us to create a powerful dashboard, allowing our doctors and providers to see their numbers as clear as day,” Biggerstaff explains. “The numbers are easily accessible, enabling everyone to keep metrics top of mind. Everyone gets better insights using Planet DDS, including our admins. We can quickly run granular reports for regions and offices, and that granular aspect is tremendously helpful.” 

Save Hours of Work Every Day 

Planet DDS offers many solutions serving dental practices, and with everything accessible on one platform – and from multiple offices – everyone from doctors and managers to admins and finance specialists save hours per day. “If someone in accounting had to look something up with a patient, they’d have to remote into the server, and look at the patient payment,” Biggerstaff explains. “This required the server to be up and was very cumbersome for our finance folks.” 

Reporting is generated and delivered in a consistent format, meaning anyone looking for the information they need knows exactly where to find. Without having to search for data, Lone Peak improves overall efficiency. 

“We’re saving an average of 4-6 hours per day for our financial analysis people,” Biggerstaff says. “With using different solutions, there was a lot of sorting, and going through comparing reports that may not contain the same items and line up. 

Those saved hours translate to greater efficiency, while cloud-based access enables a better work-life balance. Denticon and Apteryx make it easy to access data and patient information anytime and from anywhere.  

“These solutions have been a game-changer for the quality of life of our doctors who have young kids at home,” Biggerstaff explains. “They can do notes, look at x-rays, and be with their families, even if they have work, they want to finish outside of the office.” 

End-to-End Practice Management Customized for Your Use Case 

Planet DDS enables customizations that are aligned to meet your business and patient needs. This includes reporting, administrative documentation, and metrics overview that are tailored to align with the requirements of each specific practice. 

As a dental group primarily consisting of practices serving pediatric patients, Lone Peak requires certain customizations to align with services offered. “We are able to customize use based on our needs and specializations as a primarily pediatric dental group. For example, being able to customize dental history in new patient paperwork, as questions for patients in this age group are different from what’s required for adult patients. This saves us time and is a big aspect in being able to serve needs that are specific to children,” Biggerstaff explains. 

Biggerstaff has found that Planet DDS is easy to onboard for new clinics and is well-received by providers. “Planet DDS has helped with growing our business because it’s easy to sign on new offices and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Plus, the training and integration is easy for most people to pick up,” Biggerstaff says. 

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