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What are the most used reports in Denticon?

A: Our most used reports are: Executive Summary, Daily Journal Detail/Summary, Daily Audit, Uncollected Copay, Aging by Home Office, Outstanding Claims, Treatment Plan Status, Deposit, Recall Due/Overdue but Not Scheduled, and Audit Trail Report. That might look like a lot of new information, but let us break it down for you and describe why these are vital to your dental practice’s performance.

Executive Summary: A summary report showing important dental office metrics related to appointments and finances. With this report, you could get an overview of how your dental office is doing in terms of chairs being filled and the numbers coming from the day-to-day. As you can guess, this is a broad but significant analysis of dental practice performance.

Daily Journal: An itemized report listing all services, payments, and adjustments recorded for the specified date period. This is a great way for you to see the performance by day or set to any time frame you’d like.

Daily Audit: This report is used to help offices ensure that all tasks for each patient’s appointment have been completed. Got complications during an office visit? This handy tool can keep track of what to look out for next time as well as ensuring all services are fulfilled and patients are happy.

Uncollected Copay: A list of insured patients who did not pay the patient portion (copay) for services rendered. We know that services can be costly and insurance policies are sometimes not the easiest to decipher, but this report will help you be up to date on payments unfulfilled.

Aging by Home Office: An accounts receiving report showing balances for each responsible party with that office selected as their home office.

Outstanding Claims: A list of claims that have been submitted to insurance but nothing has been received back. We know that double-checking insurance claims can be a pain, but this report is aimed to help you identify missing spots that deserve your attention.

Treatment Plan Status: A detailed report of treatment plan status during a diagnosed date range. When it gets busy, this tool was built to help you and your dental staff stay on track.

Recall Due/Overdue But Not Scheduled: A report of due and overdue recalls (without a future appointment scheduled) during a specified date range. All or specific providers and hygienists can be selected. All or specific procedure codes can be selected.

Audit Trail Report: The Audit Trail report provides information for Edit, Delete, Closeout, Reschedule Appointment, Cut/Copy – Paste Appointment within Appointments, Patient, Setup, Transactions, and Treatment Plan. The user for each transaction is listed.

As you can see, there are a lot of very useful reports that once you use, you’ll wonder how you ever operated your dental practice without it. There are many more reports in Denticon at your disposal, so contact us to find out how these and many other reports can help your practice achieve more.

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