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How does my Denticon help centralize my operations?

A: Denticon’s cloud-based software allows you to have a single record for patients and providers. No more duplicate records. Denticon’s “concept of one” allows your operations team to view a patient or provider’s activity across the entire organization any time and any place. By harnessing the power of Denticon, your practice can enter fee schedules and update insurance plans across all locations at once. Denticon also enables your practice to have a central billing office to securely manage claims from all locations. Since Denticon integrates with DentalXChange, your office can instantly attach x-rays and other documents within Denticon. Payments are automatically posted to your ledger whether a patient pays in-person or online.

Because of all the different tools dental practices have to use to operate daily, sometimes the way the team works together becomes more blurred and divided. Some staff will be dedicated to specific tasks that aren’t on the same plane as other staff and it makes the team feel more of a divide-and-conquer organization rather than one working together towards the same goal. However, implementing a cloud-based dental practice management solution can help bring the team together to be on the same page and allow all to work towards a unified goal.

Working together is important, especially for those that aren’t in the office and should be on the same page with everyone else. Denticon offers remote collaboration opportunities so the team can still get together even if they aren’t in the dental practice.

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Denticon’s all-in-one solution can help your DSO or group save time and money by enabling a central billing office that can manage and securely access claims from all locations. Denticon also integrates with DentalXChange, allowing your DSO to instantly attach x-rays or other documents within Denticon. Automatic posting of payments to the ledger also allows manual entry to be a thing of the tedious past. Now your team can focus on the more important functions around patient engagement rather than spend valuable time on tasks that can now be performed autonomously. Furthermore, since everything can be accessed in an all-in-one dental practice management solution, centralizing can be even easier as you’ll be able to rid yourself of the third-party apps. Not only will you be saving time and money by using fewer applications, but your team can also operate better and spend more time improving the patient experience. A win-win in our books!

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