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Planet DDS Solutions Empower Growth for MAZ Management

By Planet DDS
July 27, 2022

Director of Operations for MAZ Management, Marian Barreto, knew the organization needed a comprehensive solution to streamline business operations. As an emerging DSO with seven practices, MAZ Management needed to run everything lean. That’s why MAZ Management turned to Planet DDS solutions, Denticon Practice Management and Apteryx Digital Imaging to help improve work efficiencies to achieve fast growth.  

Before onboarding with Planet DDS in 2019, MAZ Management’s practices were fraught with IT issues caused by their on-site practice management systems. Their servers needed to be rebooted often, and their office phones weren’t working, leaving employees unable to access the system at times. Nothing was functioning as it should. MAZ Management needed a better way to optimize daily operations.  

“In late 2019, we signed up for Denticon and started implementing at our first few locations, and it was the best thing I’ve personally seen happen for that two location group. By switching, we saw an increase in revenue because we weren’t spending so much time focusing on IT problems. So, we were able to focus on the patient experience,” Barreto explained.  

In the three years following the switch to Planet DDS solutions, MAZ Management was able to acquire an additional five practices. Since implementing Denticon and Apteryx, MAZ Management has been able to efficiently grow their DSO without compromising quality of care.   

Centralized Practice Management and Reporting  

MAZ Management uses Denticon’s centralized tools and robust reporting to analyze the organization’s performance. Now, Barreto can instantly access actionable insights, making it simple to track KPIs and set goals to improve performance.   

“We’re an emerging DSO, so having our services centralized has been the biggest win for our group. With our ambitious growth plans, I can’t imagine how we would do financial reporting if we had different practice management solutions at each location. I can easily pull reports in Denticon to tell me what’s going on at each practice to audit my team,” says Barreto. “Overall, the reporting we’ve seen in Denticon is significantly better than the reporting we’ve seen with any other practice management software.” 

Because Denticon and Apteryx store information in one centralized database, Barreto can get a closer look into individual practice performance or the enterprise’s overall performance with a click of a button.   

Secure Remote Access to Patient Data and Images  

Having multiple periodontal specialty practices, MAZ Management employees routinely send and receive radiographs to and from both referring providers and internal providers. So, having a cloud-based system with a centralized database was at the top of their list when they searched for a suitable practice management solution.  

“We have to develop relationships with other doctors in the area because that’s how patients come through our doors through direct referrals. So there’s a lot of relationship building and lots of correspondence that goes back and forth between dentists. You don’t want to drop the ball if you’re working with another doctor because that creates a lot of headaches for the team at the front desk or the doctor or the patient. So being able to access information anywhere, whether it’s a radiograph with Apteryx or a patient chart with Denticon, is a huge plus. A doctor can take a quick look and have a conversation right then and there, even if he’s out to lunch,” Barreto explains.  

And this doesn’t just apply to radiographs; patient records, scheduling, and appointment management can also be securely accessed remotely as soon as the data is entered into Denticon.   

Acquisitions with Denticon and Establishing Standard Operating Procedures  

As a growing DSO with plans to acquire several more locations before the end of 2022, establishing an efficient acquisition process was a must for MAZ Management. They knew that building a process for acquiring practices wouldn’t be easy. However, with Denticon, MAZ Management is able to set corporate governance to reduce complexity in acquisitions.   

“Denticon is a huge component as soon as we acquire a practice. That’s the first thing we incorporate, and sometimes, we even try to start the Denticon transition process before we close the transaction,” Barreto explained. “It goes hand in hand when we’re incorporating a new practice because it sets the framework for all of our standard operating procedures.”   

Learn More About Planet DDS Solutions to Streamline Operations Across Your DSO  

“I wouldn’t just recommend Denticon to emerging DSOs, I would recommend it to anyone for three reasons: efficiencies, reporting, and a good support team,” Barreto says.

Planet DDS solutions are the ultimate tools for emerging DSOs looking to achieve scalable growth. With a secure, centralized, cloud-based solution, organizations can handle administrative tasks and access patient images and data remotely, so their providers can focus on patient care.   

Click here to book a Planet DDS demo, and learn how Planet DDS cloud-based solutions for dental practices could help streamline and optimize operations and imaging workflows for your business.  

Download the client success story: MAZ Management Success Story

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