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What Is Legwork?

By Planet DDS
October 28, 2021

Doctor on laptop researching Legwork software

At Legwork, our mission is to deliver happiness to dental teams so they can deliver happiness to their patients. Legwork founders,

Jeff Weber


Korey Korfiatis

, aimed to equip dentists by bringing enterprise tech solutions to dental practices. 

Legwork helps dental practices run more efficient front offices, increase patient satisfaction, and get more patients through a cloud-based platform that integrates with practice management software. Thousands of dental practices across the United States and Canada now use Legwork Patient Engagement Software. 

Attract, Retain, and Grow Your Practice With Legwork 

Unlike business owners in other industries, dentists rarely have the bandwidth to work


their business because they’re consumed with working


their business treating patients. The result is that practices typically default to one of these two approaches: 

  1. Rely on their practice management software or basic reminder software to solve complex challenges these systems aren’t equipped to handle

  2. Rely on multiple, disparate systems that have costly feature overlaps, or cannot seamlessly work together, and result in operational inefficiencies 

Legwork helps dental practices accomplish their business goals so they can attract and retain patients and ultimately grow. 

Attracting New Dental Patients 

Patients must be attracted to your dental practice if they are going to choose you over your competitors. Legwork helps you successfully attract prospective patients to your business through

digital advertising

and an engaging, search-engine-optimized


Legwork Search Engine Marketing 

Dental practices can reach more new patients by placing strategic ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram through

Search Engine Marketing

. We create a cost-effective ad strategy that includes brand-building campaigns on Google display and social media like Facebook and Instagram. 

Legwork Listings 


Legwork Listings

, your profile on Google, Apple, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and directories will be consistently accurate, giving you a local SEO boost like no other. We verify that every business listing you have on the web has consistent information like your practice’s name, address, phone number, and operating hours. 

Dental Websites 

Legwork Websites

are designed with both patients and search engines in mind. Our website builder tool allows you to preview and select from a variety of pre-designed web modules proven to engage prospective patients. After choosing your modules, our team personalizes your new website to match your brand. Mobile-responsive, our sites feature a scalable design and engaging content. 

When integrated with our dental software, Legwork websites can incorporate

patient assessments


paperless forms

that allow you to offer valuable content in exchange for collecting prospective patient contact info. You can then follow-up through email campaigns that will nurture them into scheduling an appointment with you. 

Online Appointment Booking 

A recent study showed that

20% of all calls from prospective patients to dental practices

go unanswered. To be more accessible to patients, offer them the convenience of online appointment booking. By providing easy access for requesting an appointment, more prospects will convert to become patients! 

Many dental practices are hesitant to adopt online booking because they want to maintain control over schedule. However,

Legwork Online Appointment Booking

allows you to simply set your availability through our patient engagement software and let patients request the appointments they want from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Retaining Dental Patients 

Legwork helps dental practices provide outstanding patient experiences so clients stay with them for years. Simultaneously, our patient engagement tools streamline your front office, boosting practice efficiency. 


Dental Appointment Reminders

In order to encourage retention, you want to remind patients of their recare and upcoming appointments. A robust system,

Legwork Appointment Reminders

has fully customizable scheduling, family grouped messaging, and a built-in fallback system–for example, if you don’t have a number on file to text, Legwork Appointment Reminders will defer to a secondary channel of communication such as email or auto-call. 

Text Messaging For Dentists 


85% of the US population use a smartphone

, it’s time to streamline your dental practice’s communications with texting.

Legwork Two-Way Texting

enables you to conveniently send text messages right from your dashboard. Legwork uses a unique number for two-way texting rather than your primary phone number in order to avoid getting blacklisted in case of carriers monitoring blast texting that go through their system. Patients can still call you back from the number you text from via the Legwork dashboard. 

Dental Fast Fill

Last minute cancellations? No problem. Keep your schedule full by tapping your ASAP list with

Legwork Fast Fill

. Integrating directly with your Practice Management System’s ASAP list, Legwork Fast Fill lets you select a time and date you want to fill and sends appointment opening requests for available slots. Once your ASAP slot has been filled, the rest of your list is automatically notified so you avoid double bookings.

Dental Paperless Forms

Legwork Paperless Forms

make life easier for your patients by giving them the ability to complete medical history via your website or an email in advance. Your office staff gets the info they need and patients have one less thing to worry about on their first visit. Plus, you can customize your forms with a simple drag-and-drop tool and rest assured that they are HIPAA-compliant and fully secure. Save time and reduce waste while making patient check-in a breeze! 

Dental Patient Comfort Surveys

Patients who have positive appointment experience are more likely to refer friends and family and write five star reviews about your dental practice. Distinguish yourself from your competition by sending

Legwork Comfort Surveys

prior to appointments. Through the survey you can discover if patients would like an amenity like sunglasses, chapstick, or a blanket, and understand what fears they have so you can start to overcome them, even prior to their appointment. 


Give patients the convenience they crave by offering virtual consultations and checkups via

Legwork Teledental

. Patients can request teledental appointments through Legwork Online Appointment Booking that then syncs with your practice management system. Nearly

75% of adults in the US are afraid



to the dentist, but getting to meet with a provider ahead of time helps decrease fear. Teledentistry offers practices a new revenue stream plus low-risk, touchless appointments. Secure and HIPAA-compliant, Legwork Teledental provides a video chat solution that patients can access easily through an iOS or Android-compatible app. 

Dental Practice Phone System 

Unlike traditional business phone systems that use expensive, on-site equipment,

Legwork Phones

only requires our supplied, physical phone. You’ll love the simple set up and not having to worry about expensive equipment repairs with our cloud-based, VoIP phone system. Your team will also love the ability to customize their switchboard with a simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Legwork Call Pop-Up

then shows incoming caller ID with patient info that pulls from your practice management system so your team member can view relevant data about this person, such as upcoming appointments and recall. 

Dental Patient Portal

Provide dental patients with a secure, single location for scheduling and viewing appointments and completing forms–even while comfortably at home in their pajamas. Plus, Legwork Paperless Forms pre-populate with demographic info for existing patients so they don’t have to fill that out every time. If you offer membership plans, patients can view these within their

Legwork Patient Portal

as well. 

Growing Your Dental Practice 

If you use every tool at your disposal to delight your patients, they’ll become advocates for your practice. Create ways to keep conversations going and evaluate how patients feel about you to grow your practice with Legwork growth tools. 

Dental Patient Reviews & Net Promoter Score 

Few things drive patient decision making like authentic feedback from those who’ve already experienced your services.

Legwork Reviews

helps you pursue quality reviews-and more of them. Optimize your online reputation and attract new patients by collecting patient reviews for your Google and Facebook profiles.


Legwork Net Promoter Score

(NPS) system delivers valuable insights relied on by businesses from Apple to General Motors. With Legwork NPS, you can put those same insights to use at your health practice and get deeper insights than you glean from reviews alone.

Dental Referral Program 

Patients are hesitant to trust dentists without social proof. No voice speaks louder than those of friends and family.

Legwork Referrals

removes time-intensive tasks and sets your referral program on autopilot, sending referral requests to patients after their appointment via email and/or post card. You can easily show patients appreciation for their referrals by attaching a gift to their thank-you message that you also send via Legwork. 

Dental Marketing Campaigns 

Legwork Campaigns

equip you with patient-centered content that’s proven to drive engagement. Choose campaigns from our library and get monthly deliveries of material you can add to your blog. Fresh, regular content offers an additional boost to your SEO and makes your website an authoritative source for Google algorithms. 

Treatment Opportunities


Legwork Treatment Opportunities

, you can easily discover presented and unscheduled opportunities. You’re then able to easily message these clients and fill your calendar; keeping existing patients engaged with your practice. Search via procedure code/description, procedure status, date range, and provider to isolate the data you need. Increase revenue generation, without bringing in any new patients!

Dental Service Organizations & Multi-Site Practices

Legwork Enterprise

software enables dental organizations to get an aggregated view of metrics across practice locations. Get visibility into the revenue waiting to be collected across all your locations and ensure patients get the care they need through Enterprise Treatment Opportunities. Combine Treatment Opportunities with Legwork tools like Online Appointment Booking to keep schedules full.

Through Enterprise Message Center, you can send on-demand or automated campaigns by practice, region, or across your organization. Filter your messages by pairing with accurate, up-to-date metrics such as treatment types, unscheduled treatment, age, and much more! 

Boosting Your Bottom Line By Increasing Your Patient Happiness 

When you recognize your value per patient, you realize how cost-effective it is to invest in the right tools. For example, a dental patient on average has a lifetime value of about $5k,


even referring a friend or a family member to your practice. Dentistry is a recurring business model that has lots of built-in revenue opportunities. Recare creates automatic opportunities for repeat business, with the average annual value per patient being $1k.

We at Legwork believe happy patients build practices, so we’ve designed our tools to make it easy for dental practices to provide an exceptional experience at each step of a

patient’s journey

. Our digital tools attract prospects, convert them into booking appointments, and then transform your patients into loyal promoters of your practice. We deliver happiness to dental teams by doing the


so they can focus on patients! 

If you’d like to discuss how you can consolidate your services and lower costs, improve your team efficiency, and open up new opportunities for growth, schedule some time to speak with one of our experts today.