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Upgrading to XVWeb: All the Benefits of XrayVision, None of the Limitations

By Planet DDS
July 8, 2021

You may have heard our recent announcement that we are sunsetting our XrayVision Version 4 product. We recognize that this is a significant shift for our clients who are currently using this software. With many unknowns that come with switching to new software, we want to help you feel well-informed and confident in your next steps as you migrate from XrayVision.

To that end, we invite you to learn about our flagship XVWeb software and about our simple upgrade path to XVWeb. Our cloud-based XVWeb software has all of the benefits that you’ve come to expect from Apteryx Imaging software and none of the limitations. Switching to XVWeb is easier than you can imagine and comes with more benefits than you might expect.

Upgrade Early to Start Enjoying XVWeb

Although practices can continue to use XrayVision for the time being, key milestones for sunsetting this product have been set as forth below. We encourage our clients to begin the process of upgrading to XVWeb as soon as possible to start enjoying the benefits of our cloud software.

Sunset Milestones for XrayVision Version 4Dates
XrayVision enters extended support mode—critical security fixes only.September 1, 2021
Last installation / sale date / no more support contracts.December 31, 2021
End of support.December 31, 2022
Registration server offline—end of license resets.June 1, 2023

Apteryx has extensive experience converting thousands of practices to XVWeb, and we are delighted to help your practice smoothly transition to our flagship product. Our easy conversion process can be completed with zero disruption to your practice. The earlier we begin the process, the faster your practice can start reaping the many benefits of XVWeb.

Standard Benefits You’ve Come to Expect from Apteryx Imaging

As with our XrayVision product, XVWeb is designed as an open-architecture software. You will continue to enjoy the widest compatibility in the industry with all major imaging devices, sensors, and practice management solutions. As our clients, you’ve experienced first-hand, the cost and time savings of having software that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. By switching to XVWeb, one client was able to save an estimated $1.7 million in server related costs. With the broadest compatibility of any imaging software, we look forward helping you save your time and money with our universally compatible XVWeb.

State of the Art Image Analysis Tools Via the Web

With XrayVision, you enjoyed a full suite of onboard image enhancement tools and filters for improved image quality and diagnostic accuracy. With XVWeb, we offer all the same tools such as real-time image filtering; brightness, sharpness, and noise removal tools, full-screen view, and image comparison, and take it one step further. With cloud-based XVWeb, you’ll continue to utilize all the same image analysis tools and have full access via any web-enabled device.

Unfettered, Secure Access

The advantage of being able to access and manipulate images via the web is substantial. First, cloud-access means you can access images anywhere, anytime. You and your team can quickly provide consults from home or on the road. Second, because XVWeb offers a secure sharing portal, you can quickly consult with external providers, insurance companies, and laboratories.

With cloud-based storage and access, you enjoy the flexibility of being able to access images across locations or around the globe. Unlike our server-based XrayVision software, you’re not tied to a server, and your imaging workflow is far better for it.

Limitations of XrayVision

While XrayVision is an excellent imaging software product, it is based on technology that is nearly 25 years old. XrayVision is a 32-bit program and is limited in its capabilities to keep up with new technologies. XrayVision Version 4 was also not built on the DICOM standard. By contrast, XVWeb utilizes the DICOM standard and offers 3D capabilities, all via the cloud.

And because XrayVision is a server-based software, it required server hardware, software updates, IT support, and many other costs. XVWeb provides unlimited cloud storage, and your affordable monthly subscription includes backups, updates, new feature releases, and a HIPAA-compliant sharing portal.

XVWeb and the Next Frontier in Dentistry: Artificial Intelligence

By switching now to XVWeb, you’ll also be the first to enjoy our upcoming technologies. As the leader in dental imaging software, Apteryx Imaging continues to reach for new breakthroughs to help our clients deliver better clinical care and be more efficient.

With XVWeb, you can look forward to upcoming AI-powered technology, including:

  1. Caries Decision Support Tool: This AI application will analyze images in under a second and highlight suspicious areas to draw the provider’s attention to problem areas. The Caries Decision Support Tool provides a valuable “second opinion” for patients and can improve case acceptance with insurance companies.
  2. Quality Assurance Service: Our upcoming Quality Assurance Service will help practices identify and report errors related to various data points such as operators, sensors, devices, operatories, computers, etc., helping you efficiently manage the image system health of your practice.
  3. Auto-Charting: Another upcoming feature on the horizon for XVWeb is our Auto-Charting feature which will analyze data from an image and populate clinical charting information into a practice management solution, saving you time and reducing clerical errors.

Hassle-Free Conversions with Zero Downtime

With our experienced conversion team, you can have peace of mind as you upgrade to XVWeb with zero disruptions to your day-to-day practice. Our conversion process happens in the background and causes no downtime or delays for your practice.

And unlike some of our competitors who don’t have the expertise to perform their own conversions, we have extensive experience, staff, and technology to migrate you to XVWeb successfully. Our XVWeb conversion process is the product of years of developing our converter tool and perfecting the conversion process. The result is a time-tested and smooth experience for our clients, something our competitors are simply unable to replicate.

XVWeb: Engineered for Your Success

You’ve already experienced what Apteryx Imaging can deliver with on-premise XrayVision, now find out how much more we can provide with cloud-based XVWeb. Our team is ready to assist you with our easy upgrade path and proven conversion process. Contact us today! Let XVWeb accelerate the success of your dental practice.