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Losing time arranging and rearranging schedules? Not anymore.

Denticon is equipped with convenient scheduling features that enable your team and your patients to schedule appointments with ease.

Never miss an opportunity to fill a chair again.

Appointment scheduling is a never-ending challenge, and can quickly lead to lost revenue from unfilled appointments. Denticon helps you optimize your schedule for maximum efficiency.

Book more patients

Optimize staffing

Improve patient experience

I gained the ability to see all three offices at any given moment - doctors' and hygienists' locations, schedules, how busy they are, and more, just by clicking the specific location.

Martha McCarty RDH
Business and HR Manager of Cross, Lavinder, Quinn & Park Family Dentistry

Scheduling is about to get easier for your team and your patients.

Online scheduling

Save admin time by letting your patients self-schedule appointments online. They can select an appointment type, provider, and preferred time in seconds.

Multi-office scheduling

Scheduling across offices doesn’t have to be a pain. Denticon gives your team and your patients full visibility on available appointment slots, regardless of location.

Family scheduling

The last thing a busy family needs is multiple trips to the dentist. The family scheduling feature lets patients stack appointments for maximum efficiency.

Save time and hassle. Optimize your schedule with Denticon.

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What people are saying…

Our version of the ‘DSO of the future’ focuses on providing enhancements and investments around doctors, hygienists, and staff, so they can deliver outstanding and predictable clinical outcomes and provide an exceptional patient experience. We saved money by using Denticon, and in so doing, we were able to reinvest that money into the clinical capability of dentists and hygienists we support.

Fred Ward
CEO, Marquee Dental Partners

We target a certain daily weekly and monthly production and it helps so much to know our numbers so we know what to market to referring offices, and where we can improve. I talk about Denticon to every single dentist I meet. Unsolicited advice for sure but I cannot praise it enough. It makes the clinical aspect but more importantly the business aspect so darn easy! I love how easy it is to use and stay on top of our daily weekly and monthly goals.

Dr. Edna Buckle
Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Avie Oral Surgery Group

If you get an emergency call at home, the dentist can talk to the patient, look at their schedule, and give the patient a time to come into the office before they get off the phone. If it snows outside and the office is closed I can just pull up the schedule from Denticon, call our patients and reschedule them.

Cheryl Long
Owner, Joy Jay Inc.
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