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Largest Dental Group in Panama Selects Denticon Practice Management Software by Planet DDS

By Planet DDS
April 23, 2019

Corró Maduro—a seven location dental group in Panama—makes the switch to the cloud with Denticon enterprise practice management software.

Planet DDS is rolling out Denticon—the leading cloud-based enterprise practice management software program—to Corró Maduro, Panama’s largest DSO (Dental Support Organization).

Corró Maduro approached Planet DDS when the Panamanian DSO realized their current practice management software was no longer conducive to operating seven large, busy practices across Panama.

Corró Maduro is Panama’s premier dental group, in a country where dental care is still very fragmented across individual practices serving a population of just over 4 million. Corró Maduro was founded in 1982 with a mission to provide advanced comprehensive dentistry via outstanding patient care using the latest technology.

The switch to the Denticon cloud will give Corró Maduro a global view of practice operations across all of its locations while allowing the team to centralize administrative functions like billing, reporting, and scheduling. Denticon will also allow the group to eliminate the expensive and cumbersome IT infrastructure that was needed to run a legacy desktop practice management software solution.

Patients and providers will now be able to travel between locations easily thanks to Denticon’s “concept of one” and its internet browser-based architecture.  A single record can be accessed anywhere, anytime, giving Corró Maduro much-needed flexibility.

Dr. Juan Guardia, Corró Maduro’s Director, explained that “our legacy software was beginning to show its age, and we felt it was important to move to the cloud to achieve greater efficiency and get out of the business of IT to focus on what we do best, which is patient care. We looked at the options on the market and there was only one clear choice for an established, mature enterprise cloud solution—Denticon. But we were looking for more than just a vendor; we were looking for a partner. Planet DDS has been a true partner in helping us meet some of the unique challenges associated with practicing dentistry in Panama with their Denticon software.”

Denticon by Planet DDS is the only proven, time-tested software offering that was built from the ground up for multi-location groups in the cloud. Denticon allows dental organizations to break free from the constraints of desktop software with a comprehensive solution that includes the tools needed to standardize, centralize, and grow. All while reducing IT cost and enhancing security. Learn more about Denticon at

Founded in 1982, Corró Maduro is the largest dental organization in Panama with 7 locations. Its mission is to provide advanced comprehensive dental care to its patients, revealing beautiful smiles with care, high-quality service, and personal, humane treatment. Corró Maduro also promotes oral health in Panama through educational initiatives. The group’s team of highly qualified dental professionals is active with the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Panama, the Panamanian Odontological Association (AOP), the American Dental Society, and the Panamanian Endodontic Society. Learn more about Corró Maduro at