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Growing Dental Practices Need Software They Can Believe In

Find out why more than 13,000 practices chose Planet DDS to move them successfully into the cloud.

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Powerful Dental Software Programs for the
Modern Practice

Cloud-based, practice management software that provides all the tools needed to grow your dental organization.

Device agnostic cloud-based 2D/3D + AI dental imaging solution that allows you to store, view, and optimize x-ray images anytime, anywhere.

Drive more patients to your dental practice by integrating your software, dental marketing, websites, and office phones with user-friendly solutions.

End-to-End Practice Transformation

From patient experience to multi-practice management, our comprehensive and best-rated cloud dental software unlocks benefits for every facet of your dental practice.

Better Staff and Patient experience

Faster bookings, appointment reminders, inter-clinic access to records and imaging, simple insurance billing — these are just a few of the benefits your team and the patients you serve experience with Denticon.

Improved Efficiency

From your front desk admin, hygienists, and dentists to the DSO management team, Denticon’s expansive feature-set, paired with the accessibility of Apteryx imaging, decreases manual effort and streamlines processes across your organization.

Decreased Costs

Denticon consolidates your dental software and replaces costly legacy systems with a predictable, monthly subscription rate. On average, Denticon users save an average of 40% in total cost of ownership.

Improved security and IT access

Cloud-based dental software reduces the risk of a HIPAA breach by eliminating vulnerable local data storage and empowering your IT team to view and manage one security system across your organization.

Better positioned to scale

When you streamline your software systems, you’re better equipped to make agile business decisions, add more practices, onboard staff, and more.

Higher valuation

Cloud-based dental software drastically increases your business valuation. On average, organizations that have up-to-date technical infrastructure can see their valuations increase by $100,000 or more.

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Valued Clients

Planet DDS is proud of our partnerships with dentists, institutions and dental groups across the US and Canada.

For DSOs, Private Practices, and Mobile

Whether you have one office, a dental group or a 300+ location DSO, we have innovative solutions to help take the weight of practice management off of your shoulders.

DSO’s & Dental Groups

Private Practices

Mobile Dentists


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5 Real Opportunities for AI-Enabled Software in Your Dental Practice

Technology creates many ways for us to differentiate our brands and offer patients the best experience in healthcare. AI-assisted dentistry can help us diagnose disease, move teeth, manage periodontitis, and much more.

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The Dental Practice Management Solution Buying Guide for Multisite Practices

Discover how Denticon Practice Management Software can help you streamline operations, protect your data, enhance your patience experience, and more.

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Streamline Operations and Save Time with Denticon Practice Management Solution

In this on-demand webinar, hear from Emily Maisch, Director of Operations at BrookBeam Dental, as she discusses how the switch to Denticon:

  • Provides consistent reporting across all office locations
  • Saves staff time by reducing manual processes and tasks
  • Allows for growth and expansion into multiple locations

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Planet DDS Solutions Empower Growth

“I can’t imagine how we would do financial reporting if we had different practice management solutions at each location. I can easily pull reports in Denticon to tell me what’s going on at each practice to audit my team.”

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Midtown Dentistry Optimizes Operations with Planet DDS Cloud-Based Solutions for Dental Practices

“With Apteryx Imaging, we’re up and running 100% of the time. There’s no data loss, hard drive problems, or technical issues, ever. Our imaging is up and running 24/7. It’s a cost savings and offers continuous access.”

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Legwork Offered Castro Valley Family Dentistry Safe Solutions When Reopening During COVID-19

“Instead of needing the staff to ask specific questions every time, we were able to use Paperless forms to collect that information from patients beforehand. That way, key questions are being asked for the staff.”

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