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What third-party applications can I cancel if I choose to go with Denticon?

A: Legacy desktop software requires a high upfront license cost, plus fees for extra support and maintenance, software updates, disaster recovery, security and intrusion detection, additional IT support, and any analytics or reporting add-ons. Also, any of your physical locations would need to purchase servers and other hardware to run the legacy software. Since servers become obsolete within 3-5 years, your office would regularly need to invest in new hardware to keep up. With a cloud solution like Denticon or Apteryx XVWeb, most of the costs listed above are eliminated, and related services are combined all in one place. These all-in-one cloud solutions can lower your IT burden and costs while boosting your practice’s efficiency and security. 

Denticon features include analytics tool, patient communication platform, claims attachment service, and an online booking platform, to name a few. Think of how much your practice spends each month on these services and consider how much time is wasted by your staff toggling between all these applications.

See why we are a leading dental practice management solution. 

With Denticon’s analytics tools, there are many reports that are at your disposal to use. We specialize in a variety of reports built for the day-to-day or for dental practices of all sizes to get a snapshot of where they are at in order to figure out what the next move is. Some of our more popular reports include our morning huddle, which you can use on a daily basis highlighting the tasks for the day and how to work together as a cohesive unit.

Denticon’s cloud-based practice management solution also comes with a patient communication platform, so you don’t have to worry about third-party calendars clashing with what you want to see. With a built-in appointment scheduling function, dental practices can communicate with their patients outside of business hours, which attracts more patients even when the office is closed.

Furthermore, your practice is also able to eClaim attachment services, analytics tools, and remote log-ins. You can also ditch traditional servers after joining the cloud, which gives you a much more smooth operating experience while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

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