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What is Denticon Practice Services?

A: Denticon Practice Services is our pay-as-you-go service that enables you to outsource front and back office administrative tasks to our Denticon Practice Services agents. Services include eligibility/insurance verification, claim processing, fee schedule entry, appointment scheduling services, and more.

Our team will be ready to answer your questions and also help guide your dental practice using our specialized dentistry experience with years of knowledge. We know that time is valuable in the dental practice, and we want to ensure your success by offloading some of the load and freeing up your schedule and resources that your practice needs to succeed.

Why outsource and utilize our Denticon Practice Solution? Time is precious and we want you to allocate your time as a dental practice to the things that matter the most–the patients. Ensuring that your patients have a quality dental practice experience can result in them coming back, so we want to help you obtain that opportunity.

Hiring can be expensive especially with the overhead costs involving time and money. We are dedicated to giving you affordable options where you can pay by the hour, eliminating the amount needed to train new employees and giving your practice the flexibility in services when you need it most.

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Lastly, centralization is a big deal for us, that’s why all of our services performed for your dental practice are all uploaded directly into your Denticon account. No need to transfer information over or be out of the loop, we’re ensuring that your data is still within your grasp.

Denticon Practice Services was built to be a solution to helping your practice get through hurdles and set for success. We know that running a dental practice can be difficult sometimes, but with Denticon, our cloud-based practice management solution and our hardworking team, our aim is to clear out challenges and allow your practice to grow.

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