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Outsource your tedious, time-consuming work
to us.

When you choose Denticon as your practice management software, you unlock the opportunity to outsource front-office work to our team of dental experts. We’re here to help – for a day, a month, or always.

See if any of these issues hit home…

Admin staff turnover frequently disrupts your business

Disproportionate amount of work in busy seasons

Administrative costs are outpacing your revenue

Patients feel second to paperwork

Why outsource practice services to Planet DDS?

Planet DDS is the only dental software company that gives you access to an outsourced team of dental business experts, regardless of your practice size. We work behind the scenes on your behalf, lightening the load and freeing up the valuable time and resources your practice needs to succeed.

Save time

Time-consuming administrative tasks limit your team’s ability to focus on patient care and experience. Outsourcing gives you more time for what matters most.

Lower staff costs

You only pay for the work you need (per transaction or per hour), decreasing your overhead costs and eliminating the risk of overhiring.

Streamline operations

Our agents can upload data and records directly to your Denticon account, so your team can easily access information whenever they need it.

We outsource things like insurance verifications, eligibility checks, and follow-ups on double claims. Since these are things that we don't have much time to do in our office, we would have to hire an extra person to handle that, and it's much better to have it done off-site by experts.

Orest Bauer
DMD, Owner, Bauer Dental Arts

Take advantage of these outsourced services.

Our in-house agents perform all of the functions of an experienced dental admin team, and they do it all through your Denticon account, ensuring you never have to manually upload data or dig through piles of paperwork.

  • Insurance benefits breakdowns
  • Fee schedule entry and auditing
  • Claim services

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Get answers to the most common questions about Denticon Practice Services.

  • Denticon Practice Services is our pay-as-you-go service that enables you to outsource front and back office administrative tasks to our Denticon Practice Services agents. Services include eligibility/insurance verification, claim processing, fee schedule entry, and more.

  • If your practice needs assistance with front and back office administrative tasks, Denticon Practice Services might be for you! You can outsource tasks at a lower cost and reduce workloads for your staff. Since it’s billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, you only pay for the services you utilize.

Get front office support customized to your practice needs.

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