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What are the most useful features in Denticon for large, enterprise practices?

A: Denticon dashboards are designed to be intuitive so smaller teams can achieve more through easy user interfacing and useful reports. Instead of opening multiple applications and running numerous reports, your team members can easily access patient charts, patient communications, billing, operations, and run smart reports within Denticon. With Denticon, you can reduce day-to-day repetitive tasks for your staff so they can focus on higher-value, patient-centered tasks.

By using our cloud-based dental practice management solution, you and your team can be better equipped to serve more patients and deliver a high-quality clinical experience. Here’s a quick rundown list of all the features that come standard with our platform. 

Scheduling can be difficult especially if it’s over the phone. The days of cross-checking books and fitting in entire families are all too strenuous, but we have a solution to that. With our online appointment scheduling tool, you can enable your practice to be more digitally mature and attract even more patients, especially those that prefer self-booking appointments online. Not only can you fill more seats, you’ll also allow more staff to be allocated to the more important functions instead of answering calls.

Denticon also comes with many robust functions that’s all in one centralized platform so you can ditch third-party tools that end up being costly and tiring to deal with. With our practice management software, you can work anytime and anywhere thanks to our cloud based platform. You’ll also get to enjoy built-in eClaim attachment services, patient communications platforms, analytics tools, and remote logins so you can eliminate any redundancies while cutting costs. 

Our cloud-based practice management solutions also come with many robust tools such as advanced treatment planning and an imaging solution that is native to Denticon. We also achieved an industry-first with our referral tracking and management tool so that you can expand your services even beyond your own practice. And that’s not all!

Thanks to our variety of online tools, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of less errors using our vast online forms and patient records while also knowing that your data at the practice can be safe in the cloud. Denticon’s advanced security layers means that your data can always be tracked and be safeguarded against HIPAA violations in the case when incidents occur. 

We know that as your organizations grow, the amount of challenges also stack up, that’s why Denticon is equipped with all the tools to help combat these roadblocks. Whether you have a multi-location dental practice or you’re part of a growing DSO, our cloud based practice management solution has all the features needed to continue scaling your practice. With our enterprise-level platform, you’ll have access to advanced reporting, streamlining operations, and even controlling access to data. There’s always talk about growing pains, but we’re here to help eliminate any conflicts and worries about scaling upwards. 

Put together, we’re aiming to give your dental practice a tool that is able to modernize the way your organization operates. All aspects of your team can work together on one platform across your organization, boosting your efficiency by a whole lot. Denticon practice management solution was made to help your dental practice be flexible, scale, and uncover new opportunities.

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