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Case Study: How Franklin Dental Care Improved Operational Efficiency

By Beth Gaddis
November 9, 2023
Franklin Dental Care Case Study with Planet DDS Solutions: Denticon and Apteryx

Streamlining operations became a top priority for Dr. Norman Yung, senior dentist for Franklin Dental Care, after acquiring two dental practices. The limitations of onsite servers and outdated software systems quickly became clear – these systems were not easily accessible, the end user-experience was disjoined which made communication between offices challenging, the servers and backups were not reliable or consistent, and they were costly to maintain. 

In seeking out which solution would best address his need for operational efficiency, Dr. Yung chose Planet DDS platforms Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging and Denticon Practice Management. These cloud-based systems offer the seamless practice management and patient care experience Dr. Yung needed.  

Reliable, Cost-Efficient Technology for Dental Practices 

Prior to onboarding Planet DDS solutions, Dr. Yung had to pay a monthly IT charge for technical support of his onsite servers. Not only were these onsite servers expensive to maintain, they required certain specifications and did not reliably back up data.  

With one office already using Planet DDS solutions, Dr. Yung was able to compare costs. The office using servers was spending thousands of dollars to reroute systems or install new computers.  

Moving to cloud solutions by Planet DDS was the more cost effective solution, and it proved to be more reliable when compared to servers. 

“I used to have to spend money backing up my data, and I’d sometimes find out they didn’t back up for a month,” Dr. Yung explains. “They wouldn’t tell me that there was an error, yet they would still run it every night and I wouldn’t realize it actually hadn’t been backed up. It was so annoying and it was something I was paying for. If the system went down, I couldn’t just bring it all back. It’s all encrypted. I have to call my IT people back in.” 

This is not an issue for Denticon and Apteryx, where information is easily accessible, securely stored in the cloud, and all customer support needs are immediately addressed. 

Cloud-Based Reporting Customized for Dental Clinics 

Accessibility of information – both patient data and office operations – was another top priority for Dr. Yung. Denticon provides reporting capabilities that are customized according to how offices want and need to review information. By using Denticon, reporting is now consistent between both offices. Additionally, because Denticon is cloud-based, reporting is easily and securely accessible from anywhere. 

“What attracted me to Denticon over the other cloud-based softwares was the fact that we could do custom reports,” Dr. Yung says. “Everything is easy to understand, including production reports and collection reports. It’s very user-friendly.” 

The system Dr. Yung used prior to Denticon was expensive and did not make progress notes readily accessible. Denticon delivered reporting aligned with Dr. Yung’s specifications.  

“With the previous system, I had a whole list of dates on the side, and I’d have to click a date to see the progress note, and then click another date,” Dr. Yung explains. “In Denticon it’s all in chronological order and you just scroll up and down. It’s so much more intuitive, so much smarter.”  

Efficient reporting has improved inter-office operations. “Reporting now with two offices is much easier with Denticon. My offices are a two-hour drive from each other, but I can access what I need no matter where I am,” Dr Yung says. “It’s made life a lot easier, and it’s much more efficient.” 

Technology Intentionally Built for Dental Clinics  

Planet DDS solutions are built with the end-user in mind – meaning it must be user-friendly for all users in dental clinics, from doctors and dental assistants through to front office administrators.  

“The other platform I used prior to Denticon and Apteryx was very clunky,” Dr. Yung says. “If you wanted to see one x-ray and enlarge it, you had to click and then double click until it would open. If you needed to see the next image, you’d have to close it and go to the next image which is absurd. With Apteryx, you just scroll, enlarge it, bring it down, move it around. So much more intelligent. The experience using Denticon and Apteryx is so seamless – I take it for granted now.” 

Dr. Yung finds the experience using Denticon and Apteryx to be seamless, providing an easier workflow where everything can be accessed in one place, from anywhere. No matter where he is, whether at home or traveling, he can readily and securely access the data he needs. 

“My former platform had a clunky login process, and I always had to leave one local computer on, which felt like a security risk,” Dr. Yung says. 

Can Denticon and Apteryx Help Your Dental Clinic Operate More Efficiently? 

Whether you operate a single office or multiple dental clinics, Planet DDS offers solutions and support to improve operational efficiency.  

 Contact our team to set up a free demo, and to learn more about how Planet DDS can serve your specific requirements.

Download the case study here: Franklin Dental Success Study

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