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Enhancing Dental Care with Apteryx XVWeb and Pearl AI

By Planet DDS
September 18, 2023

Located in Northern California, Pries Dental provides both general and specialized dental services in the San Jose area. With experience spanning over 15 years, Dr. Gus Pries leads a practice known for its commitment to delivering top-quality dental care. Their growing team places emphasis on digital dentistry, seamlessly blending technology with patient-centered approaches.

In 2023, Dr. Pries expanded the practice’s technology by incorporating Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging with Pearl AI, an AI-powered dental imaging solution that seamlessly integrated with their office capabilities. “I would recommend AI to my colleagues,” said Pries. “I would tell [other dentists] that it helped me streamline reading X-rays in the hygiene room and from an education standpoint as I review with patients chairside.”

AI as a tool for patient education to support case acceptance

The Apteryx XVWeb integration with Pearl AI has simplified how Dr. Pries educates his patients about their dental health. By pinpointing areas of concern on X-rays, Pearl AI helps patients to visualize their oral health issues and grasp the necessity of treatment.

“[AI] makes X-rays easier to explain. It makes it easier for me to illustrate a problem so I can help educate patients,” said Dr. Pries. “Instead of presenting a random dark spot, which is a complex concept for laypeople to grasp, you’re showing them a colored outline that is easier for patients to visualize and understand their X-rays.”

The AI-analyzed images help patients understand their treatment more easily as well, allowing for better care. “I think that the prevention aspect helps us to educate and inform,” mentioned Pries, “It’s been really good, and I think we’ve had good case acceptance, especially as we see the difference with smaller things like cavities, fillings, and lesions.”

Imaging Workflow Efficiency with Apteryx XVWeb and AI

The addition of Apteryx XVWeb with Pearl AI integration updated Dr. Pries’ imaging workflow. With the ability to identify and emphasize areas of interest, these technologies have effectively reduced the time spent on image analysis. “It’s easy to screen an X-ray quickly to see if I see anything pointed out to me by AI, and then I can screen and then evaluate it on my own terms,” explained Pries, “So, it helps me streamline.”

Supporting Clinical Skills and Efficiency

Apteryx XVWeb with AI has also supported Dr. Pries and his team to be more efficient in reviewing X-rays and catching all lesions.

“AI isn’t telling you how to do your job. It’s another tool to help you be more efficient in your job and clinical skills,” said Pries. “And most of the time, when there’s a lesion, I can see it. There’s been a few times where I’m like, ‘Let me darken it a little bit,’ then I’ll go to fill it and it’s like, ‘Wow, it’s there.’ It opened my eyes to the fact that even dentists with lots of experience aren’t catching all lesions. And it’s cool for the patients to see and for them to know that you’re doing everything you can to integrate technology into their care.”

Enhanced Imaging Capabilities

Dr. Pries has utilized the AI overlay to be an aid in detecting minute caries and lesions by highlighting problem areas.

“Sometimes it feels like I’ve been looking at X-rays all day,” said Pries, “and there are days when everyone in hygiene seems to need X-rays, but I think it does help you screen it first. If AI isn’t flagging anything, you go through with a finer tooth comb the second time. Or AI is flagging a few things here. Let me put on my diagnosing glasses.”


“AI imaging has helped me educate patients, showing them their X-rays, demonstrating that I’m at the forefront of technology in the field. It communicates that I’m an expert in technology and incorporating these tools to enhance their experience and provide more efficient and accurate treatment.”

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