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Top 3 Benefits of Legwork Software—Part 2: “Why Legwork” Series

By Planet DDS
September 21, 2022

“Legwork has helped us lower overall costs, dramatically increase staff productivity, and improve the financial performance of our practice.” – Dr. David Richardson & Michelle Richardson, Kirkland Dentistry Family & Cosmetic  

It’s no secret that dental teams want software that’s easytouse. Legwork simplifies managing everything from patient communications to your brand’s reputation. Dedicated to delivering happiness, Legwork is sure to make your team, your patients, and your future patients smile for these top three reasons:   

1. Running A More Efficient Dental Practice 

Operating a dental practice takes a lot of work, especially when your main concern is treating patients. Seeing many patients each day, handling paperwork, scheduling, and communicating with patients can feel overwhelming

Legwork simplifies many tasks to improve efficiency and reduce stress for you and your admin team. Here’s a few things Legwork software makes easier: 

Booking Online Appointments 

Many customers prefer to schedule their appointments online, and Legwork enables just that. Select open blocks from your calendar, let patients select the slot they prefer, and keep your schedule booked with minimum effort. 

Sending Automated Appointment Reminders 

Missed appointments throw off your schedule and cost money! Reminding patients manually by calling each upcoming visitor is a hassle. Legwork software removes this burden from your front office, syncing with your schedule, and reminding patients of their appointments automatically. 

Confirming Patient Appointments 

When a patient approves an appointment from a digital reminder, Legwork automatically confirms the date and places it on your practice calendar. 

Completing New Patient Forms in Advance 

 New patients can feel nervous entering a new office full of strangers, and immediately getting asked to fill out paperwork with their full medical history doesn’t help ease their anxiety. Legwork makes life easier for new patients by allowing them to fill out medical histories online in advance. This saves your practice time by not having to wait for the patient to complete forms in person so you can see them right away.  

2. Deepen Relations With Your Patients 

The constant demand of regular tasks can cause you to neglect building a good relationship with your patients. By centralizing communications, scheduling, and intake paperwork, you’ll make routine tasks easier, so your team has time to devote to tasks like improving the patient experience. Legwork tools help foster patient relationships in the following ways: 

Delivering Personalized Experiences  

Go the extra mile to make your patients feel at home by sending comfort surveys that ask about patients’ preferences, fears, and needs before they step foot in your practice. The results get sent directly to your dashboard so you can deliver a personalized experience. Impress your patients and show you really care, to build patient loyalty and increase satisfaction. 

Sending Email Campaigns 

Keep in touch with patients between visits by sending helpful blog post links and special greetings on your patients’ birthdays. With Legwork email campaigns, you can manage marketing materials at your fingertips that are ready for manual or pre-scheduled delivery with just a few clicks. 

Gathering Patient Feedback 

Knowing whether your patients are likely to refer you or not can tell you how they feel about your practice. If the majority are satisfied, you’re on the growth path. If you have many who are dissatisfied, you may need to make changes. Legwork software can monitor this sentiment for you by automatically sending post-appointment surveys to your patients. By viewing the results, you’ll have a clear idea of how your patients feel. 

Offering Virtual Appointments  

Allow patients to easily access consultations remotely via Legwork Teledental. HIPAA-compliant, this virtual care video chat solution offers patients the ability to connect through an IOS or android-compatible app. Within your Legwork account, you can seamlessly sync screenshots and notes from the appointment.  

3. Grow Your Practice 

Legwork tools deliver insights to help you craft great experiences that leave positive impressions on your patients. Those impressions are the foundation of two vital lines of practice growth: reviews and referrals.  

Requesting Reviews 

Legwork can automatically send review requests that direct patients to platforms like Facebook and Google, making it easy for them to leave positive reviews about your practice. Your team, in turn, can respond to reviews directly from your Legwork dashboard.  

Requesting Referrals 

Referrals are imperative for growth. However, many practices struggle to produce them, and staff may be hesitant to ask for referrals. Legwork can help bring in referrals by sending requests to loyal patients to share with their friends. By tracking referrals and sending rewards, Legwork reduces strain on your front office team.  

Discover Unscheduled Treatment 

After you have presented treatment plans to your patients, it’s easy to forget to follow up. With Legwork Treatment Opportunities, you can easily view and segment procedures by date range, code, status, and more so you can convert them to schedule their treatment. With a few clicks, you can then send messages encouraging patients to move forward with their treatment and capture hidden revenue! 

Consolidate With Legwork 

Legwork software allows you to truly focus on providing the best dental care to your patients. Instead of worrying about the many hassles it takes to run a business, let Legwork help you maximize your resources, deepen your patient relationships, and grow your practice. 

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