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Dedicated To Growing Your Practice–Part 1: “Why Legwork Dental Software?” Series

By Planet DDS
September 7, 2022

As a professional in the dental industry, you probably find it difficult to have the bandwidth to work on your business because you’re consumed with treating patients. To help attract and retain patients, Legwork equips dental teams with user-friendly marketing and tech solutions. By working behind the scenes to streamline your complicated legwork for you, we enable you to achieve your business goals and focus on delivering happiness to patients. 

Putting Our Customers First  

The Legwork at Planet DDS team is passionate about providing you with the most innovative technology and the greatest level of service. Not only do we have a customer service team that will always be there to help when needed, but our software will also give you the most streamlined experience possible through features dental teams love, such as: 

  • Two-Way Texting 
  • Automated Appointment Reminders 
  • Online Appointment Booking  
  • ASAP Fast Fill 
  • VoIP Phones  

Let’s take a look at how these features can boost your dental practice’s efficiency: 

1. Conveniently Text Patients From Your Desktop

When dental patients reply to confirmation texts, Legwork Two-Way Texting automatically logs their responses inside the dashboard and notifies you for an easy follow-up so you won’t miss a patient’s text! Legwork keeps you notified of incoming patient texts through browser pop-up notifications and email, so you can provide great customer service by never leaving a patient hanging.

2. Automate Appointment Reminders

Are you frustrated with no shows? There’s no need to worry!  You can cut your no-show rates to under 5 percent with Legwork appointment reminders. You’ll be able to remind them any way you choose: SMS, email, auto-call, and postal communications, all from one interface. Scheduling will be more efficient when you have a system in place to prevent patients from missing appointments. Additionally, if you have family appointments, you won’t  bombard them with multiple reminders; Legwork dental appointment reminders allows patients to confirm shared household appointments via a single set of messages.

3. Schedule Appointments 24/7

Allow your patients to easily book appointments online by selecting their dental appointment slot directly from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Choosing from your available appointment slots that you’ve set in your Legwork appointment software, patients can pick a time that works best for their schedule so they’re more likely to show up! Plus, your front office experiences a reduced phone call volume and an increase in office efficiency.

4. Eliminate Manually Calling Your ASAP List

Has a patient ever cancelled at the last minute? No worries, with Legwork you can keep your schedule full by tapping your ASAP Dental List. Fast Fill integrates directly with your Practice Management System’s ASAP list to notify patients waiting for an appointment when a slot has become available. Not only will this improve patient satisfaction by offering last-minute openings, but it also allows you to stop having cancellations cost you time and money that you can’t easily regain!

5. Access Your Practice Phones From Anywhere 

Equip your front office with the Legwork cloud-based VoIP dental practice phone system. Legwork Phones integrate seamlessly with Legwork  software so you can enjoy features like Call Pop-Up which pulls patients’ details such as  their name, insurance, appointment history . Upon answering the phone call, you won’t have to search for the patient’s information and can provide a more personalized experience.

Get to Know the Company Behind the Solution 

Planet DDS acquired Legwork in 2021, expanding our offerings of cloud-based solutions. At the time of the acquisition, CEO Eric Giesecke said, Not only were we impressed by Legwork’s technology and team, our two organizations share the vision that cloud-enabled solutions are best  positioned to solve dental’s most pressing problems. As more dental  practices are moving to the cloud, we continue to see opportunity for our company to lead through innovation.”  

Founded in 2007, Legwork has provided thousands of dental teams with advanced patient software, personalized websites, VoIP phones, and digital marketing services. As a result, dental practices have enjoyed greater efficiency, improved patient experience, and a boost to their bottom lines. 

Join The Legwork Cloud  

Ready to integrate your full suite of dental marketing, patient communications, websites, VoIP phones, and office efficiency tools through a single solution? Then you’ve come to the right place! Legwork lets you communicate with both prospective and current patients, supporting every touchpoint of the patient journey.  

For multi-site dental offices, you can consolidate and unify your practices to create a consistent patient experience at every location using Legwork. You also get visibility into key metrics across all your locations to drive peak performance, all while decreasing your costs.   

We can’t wait to deliver happiness to your team by working behind the scenes to streamline your complex tasks and attract more new patients to your dental practice!