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Secure Data Storage that’s HIPAA Compliant: XVWeb

By Planet DDS
April 10, 2019

The security of your patient data is a top priority for you and your staff. Your patients and customers expect that their private medical data is safe in your hands and you do everything you can to ensure that their trust in you is warranted. You understand that in this day and age, privacy concerns and data security can make or break a business. Data security is so important within the medical field that there’s a whole set of national provisions outlined in the United States to safeguard medical data for organizations and their patients – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – also known as HIPAA. So what exactly does ‘HIPAA compliant’ mean and why is it so important for healthcare providers?

HIPAA was created in response to the proliferation of healthcare-related data breaches as a result of ransomware and cyber attacks on the digital architecture of health industry insurers and providers. The privacy provisions within HIPAA are designed to create a standardized level of oversight and consideration of patient data among healthcare providers to help ensure that the likelihood and severity of data breaches and loss are reduced as much as possible. HIPAA policies apply to any sensitive information retained by healthcare providers about their patients such as their personal information, the condition of their physical and mental health, specifics regarding the care they’ve received, and any financial payment information that could be used to identify a patient.

Ensuring that your data management processes are HIPAA compliant is an important aspect of any modern healthcare or dental practice. Apteryx Imaging’s XVWeb software is designed to give you peace of mind in knowing that your patient data management processes are compliant with HIPAA data security provisions. Our software ensures that your patient data is completely secure and encrypted throughout every stage of its creation and storage.

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