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Healthcare Software Company Awards Dentist a Tesla®

By Planet DDS
October 25, 2021

Legwork “delivers happiness” by announcing the winner of a 2021 Sweepstakes giveaway.

When Dr. Brezden sent photos of her with her son, mother, and godmother driving her Tesla® for the first time, she wrote, “Stay happy and be well! And do what makes your heart sing! Yep, driving the Tesla makes my heart sing!”

For Dr. Brezden, the winner of the sweepstakes, “happiness delivered” took the form of a brand new Tesla®. Even though it’s “just” a car, her new vehicle represents so much more. In drawing a winner, the team at Legwork was not only handing keys to a winner, but striking a smile on someone who exemplifies the happiness that keeps the company motivated day in and day out.

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This press release was originally published on EINPRESSWIRE.