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Don’t Miss a Call! Introducing our Caller ID Solution: Call Pop-Up

By Planet DDS
December 4, 2019

A few years ago, you might’ve relied on voicemail for returning prospective patient calls. But today, potential patients aren’t going to wait for a return call–who has that kind of time? They’re more likely to move on to the next dentist that picks up the phone!

You can avoid missing these opportunities with a virtual receptionist, so you can greet each patient–or lead–and let them know that someone will be right with them on the line.

VoIP phone services have that feature, and Legwork Call Pop-Up lets them integrate seamlessly with your dashboard!* With Call Pop-Up, you see who’s calling your practice and view their full patient profile before you pick up the phone.

Call Pop-Up flags upcoming appointments, overdue or unaccepted treatments, and more, so you have the answers to all their questions. Call Pop-Up makes outgoing calls hassle-free too, enabling you to phone patients with one click from their PRM file– no need to dial!

Finally, if you’re using the Legwork Net Promoter Score system, your patient’s NPS appears in the pop-up summary so you instantly know their sentiment towards you. This feature makes it easy to identify happy patients to ask for reviews and referrals.

These are just a few of the advantages you’ll get with Call Pop-Up. For a full overview of this and other Legwork features, schedule a demo today!