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Overcoming Staffing Shortages in Dental: Implementing the Right Processes, Technologies, and Solutions


Learn how the ongoing staffing shortage in dental is shaping the future of dental. Hear from a top industry education company—DEO, the founder of a dental software consulting firm and the founder of an on-demand staffing agency on how groups and DSOs can thrive, even amidst staffing challenges.   

Hear from experts on:  

  • The outlook on staffing challenges for groups and DSOs  
  • Best recruiting strategies  
  • The importance of culture and how to hire with core values as your center 
  • The role that software solutions can play in reducing workload for staff  
  • What processes you can implement in your organization to alleviate the staffing shortage  
  • The opportunity to utilize on-demand talent

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Jill Nesbitt

Founder / Dental Software Consultant with Optimize Dental

Ian Prendergast

Co-founder and CEO of Toothio

Josey Sewell

Partner, Head of Implementation of DEO Dental Entrepreneur Organization

Carlos Vallecillo

Director of Enterprise Sales at Planet DDS

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