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Tailwater Dental Partners: Revolutionizing the DSO Landscape with a People-First Approach

By Planet DDS
February 22, 2024

Founded by Ryan McCostlin, Tailwater stands out in the crowded field of Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) by championing a model that prioritizes people, patients, and then profits. This unique approach not only nurtures the growth of dental practices but also ensures they remain integral parts of their communities.

Ryan McCostlin’s journey from academia to the forefront of dental practice management is a testament to his commitment to fostering meaningful change within the industry. By observing the consolidation trends and recognizing the mixed reputation of DSOs, McCostlin envisioned Tailwater as a platform that could harness the best practices from successful DSOs while avoiding their pitfalls. Tailwater’s ethos revolves around making long-term investments in dental practices, emphasizing the well-being of dentists, staff, and patients over short-term financial gains.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence and Empathy

At Tailwater, culture is paramount. The organization meticulously selects dental practices that align with its core values, ensuring that each addition to the Tailwater family contributes to a collective ethos of excellence and empathy. This careful selection process, coupled with a commitment to preserving the unique identity of each practice, fosters a sense of belonging and purpose among staff and practitioners alike.

Empowering Early Career Dentists

Tailwater’s innovative model offers a clear path to partnership for early career dentists, providing them with opportunities to grow professionally while contributing to the practice’s success. By aligning incentives and fostering a collaborative environment, Tailwater ensures that its practices not only thrive financially but also maintain the highest standards of patient care and community engagement.

The Tailwater Difference: Operational Excellence Meets Compassionate Care

While Tailwater provides the operational efficiencies expected from a DSO, such as streamlined payroll and compliance management, it distinguishes itself by its unwavering focus on people. Tailwater’s leadership understands that the true value of a dental practice lies in its team and the relationships they cultivate with patients. By nurturing these relationships and fostering a supportive environment, Tailwater ensures that its practices are not just businesses but vital, thriving community assets.

In an industry often criticized for prioritizing profits over people, Tailwater Dental Partners stands as a testament to the power of a people-first approach. By valuing the human element of dental practice management, Tailwater is not only redefining what it means to be a DSO but also setting a new standard for how dental practices can thrive in an era of consolidation. As Tailwater continues to grow and evolve, it remains steadfast in its commitment to creating the best careers in dentistry, one practice at a time.