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Introducing The Dental Economist Show: Where Profit and Purpose Meet

By Planet DDS
January 10, 2024

Welcome to The Dental Economist Show, a podcast dedicated to dental professionals who are focused on growing their practices and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the dental industry. Hosted by Mike Huffaker, this podcast aims to provide guidance and insights from dental leaders who have successfully balanced patient care with savvy business decisions. In this blog post, we will explore the inaugural episode of The Dental Economist Show and delve into its purpose and goals.

The term “dental economist” refers to anyone in the dental industry who is dedicated to growth. This includes dentists, dental business owners, and leaders within dental organizations. The focus of a dental economist is on achieving positive patient outcomes, increasing case acceptance, improving production, implementing efficient systems and processes, and maintaining a healthy bottom line. The Dental Economist Show aims to cater to this audience by providing valuable insights and stories from dental leaders who have excelled in these areas.

Mike Huffaker, the host of The Dental Economist Show, shares the principles that guide his approach to business and growth. These principles include:

  1. Success is not a zero-sum game, and there is room for everyone to succeed. Collaboration and healthy competition are key to achieving growth.
  2. Protecting one’s reputation is crucial, and setting the right expectations and building trust with clients is paramount.
  3. Everyone should know their goals and expectations and achieving them should be a priority. Fair processes and systems are essential, even if they don’t always result in equal outcomes.
  4. Mistakes happen, and they should be viewed as learning opportunities. A culture that allows for mistakes fosters growth and improvement.
  5. No amount of revenue is worth compromising a positive and healthy work culture. Negative attitudes and behaviors should not be tolerated.
  6. Supporting the growth and development of team members is essential, even if it means they may eventually move on to other opportunities.

The Dental Economist Show aims to become the go-to source for dental professionals worldwide who are seeking guidance on growing their practices and navigating the future of the dental industry. It focuses on the business side of dentistry, offering insights and strategies for achieving growth and balancing patient care with business decisions.

The Dental Economist Show is a podcast that brings together dental leaders and experts to share their stories, insights, and strategies for success in the dental industry. By exploring the intersection of profit and purpose, this podcast aims to provide valuable guidance for dental professionals looking to grow their practices and achieve positive patient outcomes. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of The Dental Economist Show.