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How to Have the Best Denticon Experience

By Planet DDS
March 28, 2021
Most Popular Dental Practice Management Software - Denticon

Use the recommended browser

Chrome – latest stable release or two prior versions.

Check the following settings:

  • To ensure all Denticon screens work correctly, enable pop-up windows from denticon.com and planetdds.com
  • Under Chrome Settings, open the Privacy and Security section and select “Site Settings.” Scroll down and open “Pop-ups and redirects.” Click on “Add” next to Allowed. Type in denticon.com and planetdds.com and click “Add.”
  • For HIPAA compliance, do not allow Chrome to automatically remember and fill out form data.
  • Under Chrome Settings, disable “Save and fill addresses” under “Addresses and more” in the Autofill section.
  • To make sure that your system does not block Denticon, add denticon.com and planetdds.com to your Trusted Sites.
  • Under Chrome Settings, open the Advanced section and select “System.” Select “Open your computer’s proxy settings.” In the search box, type “Internet Options” and hit enter. When the Internet Options dialog box opens, select “Security” then “Trusted Sites.” Then click on the grey button that says “Sites.” Add “*.denticon.com” and “*.planetdds.com.” Close all the dialog boxes and restart Chrome.

Would you like to get to Denticon easily?

Create a Chrome bookmark. To ensure the security of your patient data, Denticon only allows bookmarking of the starting page. Go to https://www.planetdds.com/denticon-login and select the star icon on the right side of the address bar or select Bookmark in the menu and click Bookmark this Tab.

Create a desktop shortcut. In Chrome, go to https://www.planetdds.com/denticon-login and drag the URL to your desktop.

Want to view Denticon reports?

Ensure you have a PDF viewer installed. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe provides this for free at Get Adobe Reader.

Do you want to use an electronic signature pad?

Each computer that will have an electronic signature pad attached will need to install the signature pad software installed. Please follow the instructions in the Configure your computer for electronic signature pad usage article.

Will you be scanning documents and uploading them to Denticon?

Each computer that will use a scanner will need to install scanning software. Please follow the instructions in the Configure your computer for Denticon document scanning article.

Want to bridge to your X-ray system from Denticon?

Each computer that will use x-ray system will need to install bridging software. Please follow the instructions in the Configure your computer for Denticon X-ray system integration article.