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Nine Location EquiShared Dental Group Selects Denticon Dental Practice Management Solution

By Planet DDS
January 12, 2021

NEWPORT BEACH, California, JANUARY 12, 2021—Planet DDS proudly welcomes EquiShared Dental Group to the Denticon family. With headquarters in Bloomfield, MI and nine locations, EquiShared provides business management services for dentists, group practices, and DSOs. EquiShared chose Denticon, the top-rated, all-in-one practice management solution to manage its growing business needs.

Denticon has helped EquiShared centralize its data and keep its teams engaged across its many offices. Denticon’s cloud-based capabilities have also helped EquiShared adapt quickly during the COVID crisis.

“Our doctor-owner model thrives on keeping teams informed and engaged. Utilizing a common platform ensures data integrity and an increased level of transparency when communicating KPIs to the field,” explained Danial Redifer, Co-Founder of EquiShared.

“The business side of dentistry is our chief responsibility as a management team. Denticon’s cloud-based platform provides for expanded service level capabilities such as teledentistry, centralized billing, and call center functionality,” added Cameron Elrod, Co-Founder of EquiShared. “These have become even more critical as we navigated the challenges brought on by the pandemic and the need to adapt quickly to patient and provider availability.”

“We are delighted to welcome EquiShared to the Denticon family. Our goal at Planet DDS is to help solve our customer’s problems through our innovations. So, it’s fantastic to hear how Denticon is already helping EquiShared operate more seamlessly while providing a better experience for its patients and staff,” said Richard Capilla, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Planet DDS.

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EquiShared Dental Group provides guidance to dentists, group practices, and dental service organizations (DSOs) on the business side of dental office management. EquiShared offers expert advice and actionable strategies for organizations at any stage of their business lifecycle from start-up to exits and from expanding to turnaround.

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Planet DDS is a solutions company for dental practices. Through its innovative solutions, including cloud-based practice management and imaging software, Planet DDS helps clients improve the efficiency and economics of their dental practices.

Planet DDS was the first to the cloud with its top-rated practice management solution, Denticon. The all-in-one, cloud-based Denticon software is the best solution for dental practices of all sizes. Denticon’s robust capabilities include patient-facing features, patient communications, analytics, and revenue cycle management.

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Trusted by both top DSOs and single location offices looking to scale, Planet DDS offers robust, comprehensive solutions for practices of all sizes. Planet DDS has successfully converted thousands of dental practices from legacy desktop software to the cloud.

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