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New SmartAssist Interactive and Real-Time Checklist for Dental Practices

By Planet DDS
September 22, 2021

NEWPORT BEACH, California, September 21, 2021—Planet DDS is excited to unveil the new SmartAssist feature within Denticon, its flagship practice management solution for dental practices. SmartAssist is an interactive and real-time checklist that ensures that all forms and tasks are completed for every appointment, for a more efficient and better experience for patients and staff.

Having heard from clients about the difficulty of keeping track of tasks and forms for each patient appointment and seeing practices use post-it notes and other less than ideal workarounds, Planet DDS saw the need for an interactive checklist. With the new SmartAssist feature, included free with Denticon, dental practice staff can instantly visualize and update information during patient appointments in real-time. SmartAssist highlights incomplete tasks to ensure that practices can be more consistent and efficient.

“The initial response we’ve received from clients has been amazing. Our clients love how intuitive SmartAssist is and how it helps busy practices ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. SmartAssist is so much more advanced than a static checklist could ever be. We’re so excited to deliver this new interactive checklist to help practices stay on track for every appointment,” said Senior Vice President of Product, Chae Kim.

Never Forget a Task with SmartAssist

It’s not uncommon for patients to receive an inconsistent experience at a dental practice. Sometimes patients aren’t asked to schedule their next appointment before leaving. Perhaps a patient should have been asked to sign a consent form, but they didn’t receive it. How often do copays forget to be collected? SmartAssist helps practices ensure that for every appointment, they’ve completed the following and more:

  • Collecting payments
  • Updating medical history
  • Entering progress notes
  • Updating patient contact information
  • Checking insurance eligibility
  • Completing HIPAA and consent forms
  • Scheduling next appointment

Learn More About SmartAssist

SmartAssist is a safeguard for practices of all sizes to ensure that tasks are completed while the patient is still in the office. With SmartAssist, practices can deliver a consistent and repeatable process for each and every appointment.  View our webinar to learn more about how SmartAssist can help your dental practice.


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