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Marquee Dental Partners makes the switch to Denticon practice management software by Planet DDS

By Planet DDS
June 28, 2018

Marquee Dental Partners, a Dental Support Organization (DSO) based in Nashville, TN, has switched to Denticon, the nation’s leading cloud-based dental practice management software.

Migrating to the Denticon cloud will give Marquee Dental a global view of practice operations, fully integrated practice management tools, centralized reporting, and anytime, anywhere access to information via web browser. Denticon will also help Marquee Dental achieve significant cost savings by eliminating the hosting and maintenance requirements of client-server desktop software.

Andrea Metz, Marquee Dental Partners Chief Operating Officer, commented: “At Marquee Dental, we strive to provide our dentists with clinical autonomy while we handle the administrative end of the practices. With Denticon, we can centralize those administrative and support services to allow our providers to focus on exceptional patient care. We simply couldn’t do that before with our patchwork of desktop practice management software solutions.”

Blake Rice, PDDS President, added: “We’re thrilled to be Marquee’s long-term partner and to help them achieve their goals with our Denticon practice management software.”

Marquee Dental Partners will be joining the many other DSOs that made the switch to Denticon after recognizing the need for a mature cloud-based enterprise practice management software solution to support sustainable growth.

Denticon by Planet DDS is the only proven, time-tested software offering that was built from the ground up for multi-location groups in the cloud. Denticon allows dental organizations break free from the constraints of desktop software with a comprehensive solution that includes all the necessary tools to standardize, centralize, and grow. All while reducing IT cost and enhancing security. Learn more about Denticon at   

Marquee Dental is a premier dental support organization dedicated to making dentists and their patients the priority. By providing dentists with both the support and the clinical autonomy they need to succeed, Marquee enables them to focus their attention on providing the best oral healthcare services possible. For more information, visit