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Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida selects Denticon software to deliver care to the underserved

By Planet DDS
February 13, 2018

Planet DDS (PDDS) recently partnered with Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida (HCN) to roll out its cloud-based Denticon practice management software at all of the Federally Qualified Health Center’s physical and mobile treatment facilities.

HCN will rely on Denticon not only for the day-to-day operations of a multi-location dental operation, but also for the complex reporting requirements that come with being a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Advanced reporting capability was one of several key requirements met by Denticon software and the PDDS team. Also required by HCN: the ability to convert data from its previous cloud-based practice management system into Denticon; and the wherewithal to go live at all treatment locations simultaneously.

“We’re very excited to see an organization use our Denticon practice management software to its full capability, not only from a multi-location standpoint but also by tapping into Denticon’s advanced Electronic Health Record functionality,” noted PDDS President Blake Rice. “And it’s a privilege to support an organization that has been delivering exceptional dental care since 1977 to patients that don’t have easy access to care otherwise.”

Thanks to Denticon’s status as a fully-certified Electronic Health Record, HCN will be able to meet all of the stringent requirements of a Federally Qualified Health Center while still enjoying the features and functionality of advanced, cloud-based practice management software.

“The support from Planet DDS exceeded all expectations” according to Jeanne Serpa, HCN Director of EHR Systems. She added: “The team went above and beyond to ensure a successful launch of their Denticon software at all of our locations at once, without impacting patient care. We’ve been on a couple different systems over the years, finding a system that allows us to provide efficient quality care was key, but we feel now that we’ve found a home with Planet DDS and Denticon—not only because the software meets our many needs, but because we have a fantastic partnership with the team behind the software.”

Denticon by Planet DDS is a powerful, flexible, cloud-based practice management software platform trusted by thousands of dental professionals across the country. Solo practices, mobile clinics, and large dental groups alike operate with far greater efficiency in the Denticon cloud than they possibly could with cumbersome desktop software. Planet DDS also offers outsourced business services to dental offices. Learn more about Denticon at

Founded in 1977, Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida provides primary health and dental care to nearly 60 percent of Collier County’s children as well as family care, women’s care and behavioral care to over 50,000 patients through its 21 facilities located throughout Collier County. Persons interested in further information may call 239-658-3000 or visit