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Hawaii’s largest dental group rolls out Denticon Task Manager to streamline operations

By Planet DDS
October 2, 2018

Hawaii Family Dental (HFD), Hawaii’s largest Dental Service Organization (DSO), recently rolled out the Denticon Task Manager to help assign and track key tasks across its 12 locations, where 48 dentists and specialists provide quality patient care to 60,000 patients across four of the state’s main islands.

A long-time Denticon DSO, HFD was an early adopter of Planet DDS’ (PDDS) Denticon cloud-based practice management software, which was designed from the ground up in the cloud for multi-location groups.

The Denticon Task Manager, released in 2018, represents the latest enhancement to what is the longest-tenured practice management software system in the cloud. The tool was designed in direct response to user feedback from established dental groups and individual practices as part of Denticon’s continuous feedback loop.

“Many Denticon groups reported to us that they were assigning tasks to their teams via email, and tracking task status with spreadsheets. Using outside programs to do so seemed very cumbersome. One of our goals for Denticon is to make it as comprehensive and as useful as possible, so we designed the Denticon Task Manager to allow practices to assign and track key tasks without ever leaving their practice management software,” noted Rahul Khot, PDDS Director of Software Development.

The Denticon Task Manager’s native integration in Denticon allows for greater visibility of staff workflows and introduces automation for improved efficiency. For example, if a task is created to follow-up on an outstanding claim, and the claim is processed by the carrier, the Task Manger will recognize that the associated task is complete and automatically change its status to reflect the same. This automation enables team members to spend less time investigating task status and more time closing out problematic tasks that get held up in-process.

The Denticon Task Manager allows HFD to focus on what it does best—provide exceptional patient care to its 60,000 patients. “We love the fact that the Denticon Task Manager allows us to enter notes and assign tasks from one person to another without ever having to deal with an email or an Excel sheet,” noted Diane McCawley, HFD Team Manager. “We’re very impressed with it because it creates a seamless workflow, so we never have to leave Denticon.”

Chae Kim, PDDS VP Tech added, “HFD really helped us fine-tune the Denticon Task Manager. They run a very tight ship to manage the complexity of working across four different islands offering multiple specialties, and they put the tool through its paces, no doubt about it. It’s been a privilege to partner with them in this development and over the last 10 years in general.”

Founded in 1986, Hawaii Family Dental, Hawaii’s largest dental practice with 12 locations on 4 islands and has helped over 310,000 patients with their healthcare. Hawaii Family Dental also remains the only dental group in Hawaii that offers all specialties, including periodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery. Learn more at

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