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Denticon software helps Spa Creek Dental reach seniors at hundreds of locations

By Planet DDS
August 20, 2018
Planet DDS (PDDS) recently partnered with Spa Creek Dental to deploy its Denticon practice management software in support of mobile treatment operations at more than 250 senior living facilities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Spa Creek Dental cited the need for a centralized solution that allowed for remote access of consolidated provider records as a top priority in its selection of Denticon—something that is difficult to achieve with most practice management systems currently on the market. Denticon’s cloud-based enterprise solution allows Spa Creek to streamline its onsite operations while freeing up its staff to focus on quality patient dental care instead of IT.

According to Nicholas Zeitvogel, Spa Creek Dental’s Chief Operating Officer, Denticon’s comprehensive suite of practice management tools allows his team to tackle the unique challenges of mobile dental organizations. “The ability to view key patient information remotely online is essential to giving updates to responsible parties who aren’t always on site with the patient. Denticon’s online patient registration makes it very easy for us to get dental health histories in advance from the responsible party when the patients themselves aren’t always in a position to do so on their own.”

Denticon’s multi-location cloud architecture is ideally suited to the needs of mobile practices, allowing them to operate mobile care delivery units without building out an extensive IT infrastructure or setting up permanent hardware at each treatment site. In other words, Denticon helps broaden their reach significantly.

“We’re very excited to have Spa Creek Dental join the many onsite and mobile dental groups already using Denticon practice management software to deliver dental services. It’s a privilege to partner with a dental organization that provides oral care to seniors who don’t always have easy access to dentists,” noted PDDS CEO Eric Giesecke. “We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Spa Creek Dental.”

Denticon by Planet DDS is the only proven, time-tested software offering that was built from the ground up for multi-location groups in the cloud. Denticon allows dental organizations break free from the constraints of desktop software with a comprehensive solution that includes the tools needed to standardize, centralize, and grow. All while reducing IT cost and enhancing security. Learn more about Denticon at

Spa Creek Dental improves the health of senior living residents and makes life easier for their families by arranging oral hygiene and general dentistry services onsite at senior care facilities. Spa Creek Dental’s mission is to help senior care facilities reduce disease and infection in their resident populations by coordinating high quality oral health care programs for their residents. Spa Creek’s dental partners and their dedicated clinical teams combine compassion and experience in attending to each resident’s safety and comfort, while providing them the high level of dentistry care that they deserve. Learn more about Spa Creek Dental at