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Dental Care Alliance selects Planet DDS’ Denticon practice management software

By Planet DDS
February 2, 2017

Planet DDS (PDDS), the nation’s leading provider of cloud-based enterprise dental practice management software, announced today that it was partnering with Dental Care Alliance (DCA) to provide over 300 affiliated offices with its Denticon software.

The switch to Denticon from a legacy desktop software system will allow DCA to harness the power of the Denticon cloud with centralized reporting, a global view of practice operations, fully integrated practice management tools, and anytime, anywhere access to information via web browser. Denticon will also help DCA achieve significant cost savings by eliminating the hosting and maintenance requirements of client-server software.

Richard Capilla, DCA Chief Information Officer, commented: “As a rapidly growing DSO, we needed a solution that could keep pace with our growth and that would allow us to scale efficiently. Our team can add new offices in Denticon easily, without an extensive IT infrastructure buildout. The Denticon cloud gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility.”

Chae Kim, PDDS VP of Technology, added: “We’re thrilled to partner with DCA. Their decision to go with Denticon is all the more meaningful to us because it’s a validation of our many years supporting North East Dental Management before they affiliated with DCA.”

Indeed, Denticon was first introduced to DCA when it combined forces with North East Dental Management, a long-time Denticon user. After careful review, the new combined company decided to convert all of its offices to Denticon.
By migrating to Denticon, DCA’s practices will break free from the constraints of legacy on-premise software. DCA will be joining the many other large dental practice organizations that have recognized the need for a cloud solution and made the switch to Denticon.

Denticon by Planet DDS is a powerful, flexible, cloud-based practice management software platform trusted by thousands of dental professionals across the country. Solo practices and large dental groups alike operate with far greater efficiency in the Denticon cloud than they could with cumbersome desktop software. Planet DDS also offers outsourced business services to dental offices. Learn more about Denticon at

Formed in 1991, Dental Care Alliance is one of the country’s largest dental support organizations with more than 260 affiliated dental practices in 13 states. Dental Care Alliance offers dentists and dental professionals clinical autonomy, career satisfaction and growth opportunities by reducing day-to-day business management headaches and administrative hassles; allowing affiliated dentists to focus exclusively on providing the best clinical care to meet each of their individual patients’ needs. For more information, see

Edit: This post was updated in 2019 to reflect the current number of locations that are affiliated with Dental Care Alliance.