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A New Way to Manage Referrals: Planet DDS Unveils the Dental Industry’s First Patient Referral Management Tool in Denticon Practice Management Solution

By Planet DDS
June 7, 2021

NEWPORT BEACH, California, June 7, 2021—Planet DDS is thrilled to announce the successful launch of the Internal and External Referral Management Tool within Denticon, its flagship practice management solution. This robust and fully integrated referral management system is the first of its kind for dental practice management solutions. It will allow practices to seamlessly track and manage referrals within a group or with external providers.

As a pioneer in the industry, Planet DDS was the first company to launch a cloud-based dental practice management solution in 2003. It continues with the tradition of innovation through the launch of these new features.

Improving Internal Referral Management

Denticon’s new Internal Referral Management tool radically improves the efficiency of the referral process within groups and DSOs. What previously took days and involved multiple parties can now be completed with just a few clicks. Treatment coordinators can quickly locate specialists within their group to view fee schedules, set up appointments on their calendar in real-time, and securely send x-rays and other PHI to the specialist’s office.

Streamlining External Referrals

For smaller practices that may need to refer patients to specialist providers outside their practice, the External Referral Management Tool will be an indispensable tool for gaining more control and visibility into the referral process.

“We are so excited to deliver these solutions because we knew from speaking to many clients that the referral process was so cumbersome. Previously, there was no easy way to send patient information to external specialists securely, and with the launch of these features, we’ve solved that problem for our clients,” said Chae Kim, Senior Vice President of Product at Planet DDS.

With Denticon’s secure eReferral Portal, the referring office and the external provider can communicate via the HIPAA compliant and secure portal, even if the external provider does not use Denticon. Both offices can securely send and receive treatment notes, x-rays, status updates, etc., allowing for a seamless experience for both practices and the patient.

Reimagining Referrals with Denticon

“I highly encourage all of our clients to start taking advantage of Internal and External Patient Referral Management within Denticon,” urged Kim.

With the launch of these two new features, Denticon continues to deliver the newest solutions for dental practices. Contact us to learn more about how Denticon’s comprehensive solution can streamline referrals and so much more for your practice.

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About Planet DDS/Denticon

Planet DDS is a solutions company for dental practices. Through its innovative solutions, including cloud-based practice management and imaging software, Planet DDS helps clients improve the efficiency and economics of their dental practices.

Planet DDS was the first to the cloud with its top-rated practice management solution, Denticon. Its all-in-one, cloud-based Denticon software is the go-to solution for dental practices of all sizes. Denticon’s robust capabilities include patient-facing features, patient communications, analytics, and revenue cycle management.

Planet DDS recently acquired Apteryx Imaging, a company with over 20-years of experience providing dental health professionals with advanced diagnostic imaging software. Planet DDS continues to lead in the cloud-software space, now also offering Apteryx XVWeb. This cloud-based imaging software delivers state-of-the-art clinical image capture, visualization, analysis, backup, and secure data sharing to dentists and oral health specialists.

Trusted by both top DSOs and single location offices looking to scale, Planet DDS offers robust, comprehensive solutions for practices of all sizes. Planet DDS has successfully converted thousands of dental practices from legacy desktop software to the cloud.