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Is Apteryx XVWeb compatible with my x-ray imaging device? Will it work with my existing dental practice management system?

A: Yes and yes. Apteryx XVWeb is compatible with all major imaging devices and practice management solutions. Apteryx XVWeb is an open-source imaging software, which is the opposite of a proprietary system. Where a proprietary system would lock you into a specific imaging device, x-ray equipment, or dental practice management solution, XVWeb is designed to let you choose any imaging device and practice management solution.

Can you imagine having to use only one computer to use one specialized tool? The troubles don’t just end there as if you want to get that data onto a different computer using traditional in-house servers, it would be another hassle to figure out. Furthermore, dealing with data conversion and making sure all the processes involving imaging or even simple practice management works well can be troublesome. But with XVWeb, you don’t have to have dedicated systems anymore. So to answer the overarching question, yes, Apteryx XVWeb is compatible with major imaging hardware as well as many of the popular dental practice management software.

Thanks to XVWeb’s open architecture, you can utilize its diverse and robust functions with almost any tool in the dental practice. Not only does this give you the freedom to choose whatever tool you feel comfortable with, but XVWeb’s added-on functionality also allows you to increase your diagnostic accuracy for many procedures. By adding XVWeb to your practice’s toolset, you also unlock access to patient records anywhere and anytime–a huge improvement from having to be locked to one single machine every time data is needed to be accessed.

XVWeb changes the game in your dental practice by allowing your operations to be more cost-efficient as you can eliminate the need to buy proprietary products that only work with one system. This allows you the power to scale your practice and lighten the load on the IT department. Everyone at your practice will be on the same page and you won’t have to worry about a lack of communication within your practice.

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