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How does Denticon reduce the burden on my IT team?

A: If your group or DSO is running multiple systems from different vendors, your IT team is doing a juggling act. By standardizing to one solution, your IT team will have a much easier time with security and supporting your entire practice. From training to troubleshooting and hardware costs, you can reduce your IT strain and spend by consolidating your practice management solution.

Imagine having multiple computers in your office that all have their own dedicated functions. That means that one computer is used for appointments and another used for imaging, for example. Because of this lack of connectivity, it’s relatively difficult for the IT team to understand problems and also manage any roadblocks that come up. To combat this, having a solution that spans across your entire practice would be vital to the overall efficiency of your organization and your IT team as well. 

Dealing with computers and in house hardware can be difficult, especially when security breaches occur. Having a cloud-based platform not only can increase the efficiency of other functions in a dental practice, but also helps your IT team understand and troubleshoot any difficulties that occur all over the organization. In this model, the IT team is able to have a holistic view of all groups’ data from one spot, instead of having to manually go through all computers. 

Furthermore, in the cases when security breaches occur, having a cloud-based practice management system is a huge benefit thanks to its continuous uptime behind its layers of redundancies to ensure your data is not lost or tampered with. This makes audit trails even easier as all activity can be monitored in a centralized way. 

Lastly, controlling permissions and allowing access to secure data should be enforced especially when dealing with HIPAA-sensitive information. With Denticon, you can secure your data, control permissions and specify user rights across your organization or DSO, making HIPAA compliance a breeze for all members on the team.

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