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How does Denticon help me attract and retain more patients?

A: Denticon’s patient-facing features are designed to enhance the patient experience from start to finish. With our integrated online registration and consent forms, 2-way texts and reminders, and online payment portal, Denticon helps your patients have a seamless experience with your office. Automated tasks in Denticon relieve your staff from having to do repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their attention on patient-centered tasks. Denticon’s patient communication tools help you stay top-of-mind with your patients with ease.

We know that many people actually dread going to the dentist, but there are ways to combat that reluctance and fill more chairs throughout the week. Denticon’s tools come with many functions that can help your dental practice attract more patients, such as online registrations, online self-scheduling, and patient communications tools that are all native to Denticon.

Remember how tenuous it was to answer calls and have staff dedicated to performing such mundane tasks instead of catering to the needs of the patients? We know how hard it could be, that’s why with our online appointment scheduling feature, patients can schedule their own schedules without having to go back and forth on the phone. This way, they can also directly book appointments for the entire family with minimal conflicts so that everyone can come in at the same time. Thanks to having your scheduling tool be online, patients that may have issues that come up after-hours are still able to get a live view of what appointments are available soon so they can come in for the treatment they need. We also come equipped with texts and reminders so you can further communicate with your patients and understand their wants and needs.

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Communication is vital to many businesses around the world, and in dentistry that is no different. Being able to communicate with your patients in a way that conveniences them will make the difference between the first visit and the visits after that, so it’s important to set up the best methods to provide a personal and specialized patient experience from the beginning.

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Getting patients in and helping them with all their worries is the essence of being a dentist and aiming to give the best patient experience should be what keeps a dental office going. Now that your staff can deal with fewer redundancies, you can focus on ways to improve the in-office patient experience while we help you build your online and welcoming presence. With our cloud-based dental practice management solutions, you can focus on attracting more patients and while continuing to wow and retain the patients that love your services.

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