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How do I know if Apteryx XVWeb is right for my dental practice?

A: XVWeb is cloud-based imaging software. That means your office enjoys the most up-to-date version of XVWeb at any given time. No need to pay for updates or upgrades. You can also significantly cut your IT spending by reducing or eliminating the need for servers and monthly maintenance costs.

Not everyone will have the same equipment and finding tools that suit the needs of different dental practices could be difficult, but that’s where XVWeb steps in. One of the top reasons why dental practices choose our imaging software solution is because of how flexible XVWeb can be with major imaging hardware and practice management solutions. The capabilities of having an open-architecture software allow dental practices to still use the advanced tools they might already have, so there’s no need to switch to proprietary products that work with only one software. Not only can your practice enjoy all the powers of XVWeb regardless of the tools that you have, transitioning has never been easier.

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Servers can be expensive, especially when you need to continuously run them. Upgrading servers can be a whole other feat as the costs can add up over time, especially if your practice is growing and more data storage is needed. With our cloud-based practice management and imaging solutions, you can sit back and enjoy the unlimited and secure data storage in the cloud, cutting your costs and giving your dental practice the ability to generate more revenue. XVWeb can reduce the burden on your IT team with turnkey implementation, including updates and annual maintenance.

Trying to access patient records during after-hours or when emergencies arise? You won’t have to run into your practice to access them on-premise, as with XVWeb, you’ll have 24/7 access to all data and images stored in the cloud. This also allows for greater and uniform communication with your dental office staff so that everyone’s on the same page.

If your practice offers dental implant treatment or other types of oral surgery, you probably use 3D scans like cone-beam computed tomography (“CBCT”). To get the most out of your scans, you’ll want software that provides a full suite of image enhancement, manipulation, annotation, and implant planning tools. This is another benefit that XVWeb offers for practices that have 3D imaging needs.

Lastly, staying safe in terms of security is important–especially when incidents happen and your practice is at risk of losing sensitive data and images. Having an on-premise server has its vulnerabilities, and one way to safeguard against cyberattacks is by having your information stored in the cloud.

Times are changing, so keep up with it! Your patients want an unparalleled patient experience, and by having the tools to effectively run your practice, your dental practice will be overwhelmed with all the benefits so you can better focus on attracting and retaining your patients.

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