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How can Apteryx XVWeb save my dental practice money?

A: Your practice can significantly reduce or eliminate upfront capital costs for hardware, servers, and software because XVWeb is cloud-based.

Before we dive into the costs of owning our cloud-based imaging software, let’s do a quick rundown of the costs for traditional servers found in a majority of dental practices.

Servers are not very durable in the sense that they don’t last long over the years. They can range from upwards of $5,000 to replace and paying for maintenance, support, backups, and updates are even more costly add ons that seem to have no end. Instead of having to deal with all the replacements and finding the suitable hardware to support them every few years, with XVWeb, you can enjoy all of the benefits listed in a predictable monthly subscription.

See why XVWeb is not only a cost-saver, but an award-winner.

Complications can always arise, and with traditional servers, support is just another add-on that you, unfortunately, have to pay for. Instead of having to find third-party support that you need to pay extra for, our cloud-based imaging solution comes standard with support, so rest easy and we’ll take care of all your questions and concerns.

With this all being said, we have a variety of plans that can suit the needs of your dental practice regardless of size.

Because XVWeb is compatible with most major imaging hardware and dental practice management solutions, you can rest assured that you can utilize our open architecture software without complications.

Here is a full explanation of the true cost of owning XVWeb. 

What’s great is that as new updates come out, you won’t have to pay extra for any of those features being rolled out. Not only can you enjoy the built-in flexibility and support, but your practice can also operate with unlimited storage and continual updates that come out.

With XVWeb, you’ll be able to save on all the unneeded tools and third-party vendors whose fees just keep adding up. Instead of finding exact hardware to match specific software and forcing your dental practice to continually have to purchase more as updates come out, XVWeb’s open architecture and universal compatibility are both features sure to help your practice utilize the tools necessary for growth.

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