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Does your implementation team have experience converting from my current system?

A: Our implementation team has extensive experience converting from over 60 different systems. Our team of experts will work with your office to ensure a smooth transition.

Taking a look at all the locations and practices we have on-boarded to the cloud, we have had success all across the United States whether you have an existing platform or are using a dental practice management system for the first time. Though transitioning all the information that you have about your patients and your data is no small feat, our team of experts can help guide you and your practice to being one with the cloud in every step of the way.

We offer a multitude of steps to guarantee success and by looking at every single detail, we could help you go from the initial set up to the go-live and beyond phase. Better yet, our implementation and setup all takes place behind the scenes so that you can still run your dental practice uninterrupted. Though the exact time it takes to finalize the transfer varies, we have an average of 60 days for the solo practice and 8 weeks per location for DSOs. 

Data and images you have are vital to the operations of your dental practice, and that’s why we’ll go leaps and bounds to help convert and migrate data from all your various tools so that you have everything ready to go. Our team has extensive knowledge on almost every practice management software system there is in the market, so you can rest easy and let us take the reins. 

Using a new software is never easy, especially if you are using a dental practice management software for the first time. Denticon offers training programs for every organization and for every size. We’ll educate you and your entire organization, as well as giving specialty training for internal administrators through our vast library of resources and on-site support during the launch day. Making sure everything is up to speed is our goal, and we want you to be able to hit the ground running once your dental practice is live in the cloud.

We’re sure that everyone looks at everything differently, so regardless of the questions you have, our team is dedicated to delivering ongoing support you need so that all your challenges and questions are answered. Just so that everything is in your arm’s reach, we have nearly 1,000 reference items with explanations in our help portal, detailed videos to help you navigate you through Denticon screen by screen, and a dedicated troubleshooting tool to help guide you in the right direction. 


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