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XVWeb Midtown Dentistry

By Planet DDS
June 29, 2021

XVWeb Delivers Anytime, Anyplace Access to 5-Location Practice


Midtown Dentistry is a five-location practice in the greater Houston, Texas area, specializing in cosmetic dentistry. This practice just celebrated its 25th anniversary under the management of founder and managing partner Dr. Jonathan Penchas.

Dr. Penchas is a cosmetic dentist and prosthodontic specialist. He and his team have built a reputation as the premier cosmetic dentistry practice in the Houston area. They specialize in same-day veneers, implants, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Dr. Penchas and his practice are longtime clients of Apteryx’s cloud-based software, XVWeb. When Apteryx first received FDA approval for XVWeb in 2013, Dr. Penchas became one of the earliest users. He listed four reasons why he chose cloud-based XVWeb: access to images 24/7, a secure sharing portal, reduced server costs, and boosting IT security.

Since the release of the XVWeb3D module in 2018, Dr. Penchas and his practice have also utilized the XVWeb 3D module to assist in implant and surgery planning.

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  • Needed secure access across all locations
  • Wanted to move away from antiquated server-based imaging software
  • Wanted to protect data from natural disasters and cyberattacks


  • Practice now has anytime, anyplace access to dental images
  • Cut costs for servers by storing data in the cloud
  • 3D module provides secure access and a full suite of 3D image planning tools on the go
  • Enhanced IT security to protect data from natural disasters and cyberattacks

Seamless Collaboration

Because the imaging database is accessible from any internet-connected device, he and his colleagues can easily view X-rays for his patients from any one of their five locations. “Our patients can move from office to office, and we can access their images from all of our locations,” explained Dr. Penchas. Across locations, Dr. Penchas can consult with anyone on his team by viewing 2D or 3D images and making recommendations in real-time.

Putting the anytime, anyplace access to the ultimate test, Dr. Penchas has accessed his patients’ images from around the globe. Dr. Penchas enjoys traveling with family and visiting extended family abroad during his off time. However, being the managing partner of Midtown Dental means that there are times when he needs to be able to access images while on his travels.

“I’ve accessed images from abroad using a laptop on a sailboat and even from an internet café in the Caribbean islands,” shared Dr. Penchas. “Knowing I can collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world is a great benefit. Everything is at your fingertips from X-rays to panoramic images; it’s all accessible in the cloud.”

Secure Sharing Portal

Dr. Penchas explained that XVWeb not only provides him and his staff with any time access to images within his practice, but it also allows them to collaborate and communicate with external dental specialists, laboratories, and external referrals. The secure sharing portal integrated with XVWeb allows users to share images via a HIPAA-compliant sharing portal with external parties, providing seamless opportunities for collaboration and referrals.

“XVWeb allows me to send an image, pick up the phone, and consult with an endodontist about a root canal. They can view it in real-time while we’re on the phone,” said Dr. Penchas. XVWeb has also helped streamlined his practice’s imaging workflow. “I can send images to my laboratory, whether it’s CBCT or X-rays, and they can start working on them immediately.”

Reducing Server Costs

Another reason Dr. Penchas recommends XVWeb is the cost savings of using cloud-based imaging software. “Not having to rely on any server hardware has saved my practice a lot of money. I would challenge anyone to take a pen and paper and add up all of the costs of buying and maintaining hardware. It’s just not affordable. And then there are security issues, maintenance, backups, IT consultants that you also have to pay for. With XVWeb, it’s automatically taken care of and so much more affordable.”

3D Imaging Capabilities

As a prosthodontic specialist, Dr.Penchas also needed imaging software that had CBCT capabilities. So, when XVWeb launched its 3D module in 2018, Dr. Penchas and his practice again became one of the earliest clients. “We’ve been using the 3D module all the time. Many of XVWeb’s competitors haven’t been able to get CBCT scans quite right. Apteryx is definitely the leader in the industry with its full imaging suite. Any doctor can pull up a CBCT scan on their laptop and manipulate the image and plan a surgery and dental implant,” he said of the 3D module. “It’s a very innovative software and the only one on the market that offers such a robust solution.”

Increase IT and Security

Having lived and attended schools worldwide in London, Jerusalem, Boston, Louisiana, and Texas, the now Houston-based Dr. Penchas admits that Houston is known for having more than its fair share of natural disasters. Keeping images safe from natural disasters and from cybercriminals was a significant concern for Dr. Penchas.

“I didn’t want to hold on to the data in a server that could be hit by lightning or a flood and of course, by hackers. It was too much trouble and risk to manage it in-house. I knew the military had been using Apteryx, and I decided if it’s good enough for the US military, it’s good enough for me.” He continued, “There’s no data loss, hard drive problems, or technical issues, ever. Our imaging is up and running 24/7. It’s cost savings and offers continuous access.”


“If you’re lucky enough to also subscribe to Denticon as my practice does, XVWeb seamlessly integrates with that practice management solution, too. But even if you’re not a Denticon client, you can still get all the benefits of XVWeb,” said Dr. Penchas. XVWeb is a full-suite imaging software that offers practices of all sizes, cloud-based accessibility, significant cost savings, 3D capabilities, and enhanced IT security. “I recommend XVWeb to all of my colleagues. It’s the most comprehensive imaging software for any dental practice,” concluded Dr. Penchas.

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