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BrookBeam Dental Relies on Denticon to Streamline Operations and Save Time

By Planet DDS
April 7, 2022

Delivering the best possible care and service is core to BrookBeam Dental’s mission. With 11 affiliated practices located throughout New York’s Hudson Valley region, it quickly became clear to Director of Operations Emily Maisch that the company needed to streamline operations. The goal was to ensure consistency among the affiliated practices, and more efficiently manage patient information, along with doctor and hygienist schedules and activities. They also wanted to identify and track key operational metrics to support greater productivity.

The company initially had seven practices when they first reached out to Plant DDS about Denticon. Each of the affiliated practices were using different software programs, resulting in inconsistent reporting and inefficient business operations. Now with Planet DDS solution Denticon, BrookBeam Dental efficiently supports operations for their growing business.

Consistent Reporting for All Affiliated Dental Practices

Inconsistent reporting and coding among BrookBeam’s practices was a major pain point prior to using Denticon. BrookBeam consisted of 7 practices at the time, and the inconsistency resulted in major inefficiencies. For example, if an employee from one office was needed to help out at a different office, operations were different and the employee had to learn new systems based on how that particular office operated. This wasted time and resources, and also had a negative impact on productivity.

“Everyone was on different platforms and reporting was not consistent,” Maisch explains. “Every office also had different coding. With some employees working across multiple locations, having everyone on the same software made it easy for anyone to work at a different location and jump in at full capacity.”

Denticon makes it easy for all BrookBeam Dental administrators, hygienists, and doctors, to customize and generate reports within seconds. Reports are presented and formatted for consistency across all practices.

BrookBeam Optimized Operations to Meet KPIs

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential for dental practices aiming to grow and maximize operational efficiency and productivity. BrookBeam dental leverages Denticon to meet KPIs linked to their key business objectives. Denticon allows BrookBeam to determine what KPIs matter to their business, and makes it easy for everyone in the office to input relevant data. Denticon translates these inputs to illustrate whether KPIs are being met and where they are falling short. Problems are therefore easy to identify and can be resolved faster.

“Being a DSO, we look at different KPIs and standards of reporting,” says Maisch. “With Denticon we can track things like patients seen per day, number of new patients, number of hours worked per provider, how many canceled and missed appointments, production by provider, and so much more. At the front desk, we get a complete patient overview and scheduler, including check-in, check-out, co-pays due, and so on.”

As a cloud-based software, Denticon’s features enable dental practices to track and manage patient information and activity, along with internal productivity of administrators, hygienists, and doctors. Even if administrators or doctors are not at the office, they have secure remote access to manage information.

Planet DDS Enables Easy Onboarding with Robust Support

Planet DDS provides customers with high-touch training and support to ensure onboarding is a smooth and positive experience for everyone in your office. End-to-end onboarding and training is provided to ensure your dental practice experiences minimal, if any, disruption.

“I can’t speak highly enough about it,” Maisch says. “From the very beginning through to the transition onto Denticon, the implementation team was great. I called it minimal chaos. People don’t typically like change, but the training was very smooth, and our employees felt very well prepared for the go-live date.”

Connect with Planet DDS to Streamline Operations for Your Dental Practice

Planet DDS solution Denticon enables dental practices to level up the entire clinical experience, from front office through to each doctor and hygienist’s patient care room. Streamlined operations and actionable analytics translate to a smooth experience for patients, and a more positive workplace environment for every clinician and administrator.

Download the client success story: BrookBeam Dental Denticon Client Success Story.

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