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LADD Dental Increases Efficiency and Improves Patient Experience with Denticon and Apteryx 

By Planet DDS
July 31, 2023

LADD Dental, a leading dental group across North Central Indiana, is a leader in delivering top-quality dental care. With eight offices and more than 15 providers, LADD Dental has served patients for an impressive span of 44 years. Committed to delivering exceptional dental services, the team continually strives to provide top-notch care across all their locations while keeping pace with the ever-evolving technological landscape of the dental industry.  

LADD Dental decided to switch to Denticon practice management and Apteryx Cloud Imaging software after feeling the shortcomings of their existing server-based system. They set out in search of a cloud-based solution that would improve efficiency and patient experience. 

Finding the Right Cloud-Based Practice Management and Imaging Software 

“The primary reason we wanted to switch to a cloud-based solution was that we do a lot of specialty care. Not having to send over different X-rays, make patients go to different offices, or do new paperwork was a deciding factor,” said Mary Ladd, CEO of LADD Dental, “We wanted a cloud solution so our patients could have access to all our locations and our doctors could access information easily.”   

“[O]nce we knew we needed to be on the cloud, the big differentiator between vendors for us was who focuses just on technology and then who has a good reputation in the industry and who does a good job of tech support,” explained Ladd. 

The cloud-based approach aligns perfectly with their vision of maximizing collaboration and streamlining processes across their network of offices. This shift to the cloud has empowered the team to leverage the benefits of centralized management, enhanced communication, and improved access to information, ultimately enabling them to deliver dental care more efficiently to their patients. 

“[W]hat we pride ourselves at LADD Dental Group is our operational density. So, the fact that we have these offices all in a 30-mile radius, so we can synergize as much as we can, just switching to a cloud solution really just kind of fit that model, ” Ladd summarized. 

Enhancing Dental Operations with Denticon and Apteryx at LADD Dental 

LADD Dental has gained four advantages by selecting Planet DDS solutions, Denticon and Apteryx.  

1. Successful Implementation with Minimal Disruption  

The LADD Dental team received onboarding support through the implementation process, ensuring a successful transition. With a dedicated implementation team, the staff was guided through the implementation process, providing them with the necessary assistance to integrate Denticon and Apteryx into their operations.  

“Our experience has been very positive, and every migration always comes with its own hiccups, but for us, we would 100% do it again,” said Ladd, “We’re continuing that success by incorporating the software in another office. The technology speaks for itself.”   

2. Streamlined Practice Management for Timesaving 

LADD Dental has significantly improved in managing their DSO more efficiently since adopting Denticon as its practice management system. With intuitive features and seamless integration, the staff members now enjoy newfound efficiency in the centralized management of patients.  

“If you don’t centralize and standardize, it becomes a lot more difficult to gain economies of scale. For us, we do feel like we were flying blind before because it was server-based and really cumbersome,” said Ladd, “So the fact that we can do everything from one click of the button is amazing. We use the morning huddle dashboard, which I think that’s a great tool that we use for morning huddle meetings. We can see everybody’s schedule in one centralized hub, which is nice. Reporting has been very beneficial because of that.” 

“[I]t’s tricky to compile nine different reports from different areas if it’s all on a server, where for us, we can do an enterprise report, I can send them that information in five seconds,” Ladd added. 

This innovative system outperforms their previous technology, allowing for streamlined workflows and significant time savings. Now the team can prioritize patient care while ensuring accurate and organized patient management, resulting in an improved experience for all patients.  

“I think for us, the deciding factor was ease of use, or the convenience factor,” said Ladd,
“Especially if you’re a group that is sharing a lot of patients, the time saved and the increase in patient experience is what makes Planet DDS a no-brainer.”   

3. Cutting-Edge Imaging AI Imaging Capabilities 

In addition to Denticon, LADD Dental’s adoption of Apteryx has brought significant advancements, particularly through its AI capabilities. This powerful combination provides access to advanced imaging capabilities, empowering dental professionals to capture high-quality, detailed images for accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment planning. 

“With Denticon, Apteryx, and AI, we get the trifecta. We use the X-ray overlay regularly and knew we wanted to partner with a company that had strong a technology background,” explained Ladd. 

Real-time X-ray analysis with AI technology provides precise diagnoses in minutes. AI-supported clinical decisions boost alignment and standardize care. Quantified data increases insurance claim approvals. Seamless integration with Denticon streamlines workflows. With all these features, LADD Dental delivers exceptional care through AI. 


In summary, LADD Dental’s adoption of Denticon and Apteryx has transformed their operations, resulting in enhancements across various aspects of their practice. By embracing these cloud solutions, LADD Dental has updated its scheduling efficiency, practice management, patient experience, and imaging capabilities. These advancements have allowed them to deliver better patient care and optimize their internal processes. 

Furthermore, LADD Dental has witnessed tangible improvements in patient experience following the implementation of Denticon and Apteryx. The decision to transition to the cloud was met with enthusiasm by their team and patients, and it opened new doors to improve their ability to serve their patients effectively. 

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