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Legwork Accomplishes the Work of a Full-Time Employee for Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry  

By Planet DDS
August 30, 2022

Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry, a private dental practice in Seattle, WA, was looking for a simple way to keep their patient base engaged and improve workflows. They tried out a few online patient engagement systems, but they were challenging to work with and didn’t offer the customization the practice wanted. When first introduced to Legwork, Office Manager, Maggie Hinkley, was reluctant to try another online system. However, now Legwork takes care of as many duties for Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry as an extra full-time employee.  

“We’ve been with you guys[Legwork] close to 10 years. What persuaded me was the willingness and the ability for Legwork to work with us rather than us working with them,” says Hinkley, “I could customize it to what I needed. And in the many years we’ve used it, it’s become something we couldn’t live without!”  

Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry relies on Legwork to handle a full range of daily administrative tasks. Without Legwork, Hinkley says the workload would be tremendous and make every member of their team’s job harder. A significant amount of the practice’s workload is off their shoulders. Hinkley states that she would have to hire another employee if they did not have Legwork.  

Safeguard Patient Data  

A ransomware attack can happen to any dental practice. This type of invasion can be financially devastating. Without the proper safeguards in place, many practices are forced to comply with the cyber criminal’s request.  

“One time we had somebody come into our computers and hold us for ransom, which is odd, but it happens, and requested money. And it was Legwork that saved us because in a separate window was our Legwork information, and we were able to request information and access it,” explains Hinkley. 

Patient data is safely stored and backed up in the Legwork system. So, when Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry was a victim of a ransomware attack, they did not have to give in to the hacker’s demand. 

Streamline Daily Operations with Automated Tasks 

Legwork takes care of a laundry list of daily administrative tasks for Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry. “Legwork does so much that we take for granted now because we’ve had it a long time,” explains Hinkley. Every morning, the front desk team will run reports on Legwork to see which patients have confirmed their appointments, the schedule for the day, and which patients to contact. In the past, a big part of the administrative staff’s day consisted of calling patients to confirm appointments, but now Legwork handles that for them.  

“It would take me a whole other person to hire and have in the front office to do what Legwork does for me through our software. So, it’s another employee. It’s another person and another team member that I have.” 

Securely Access Data and Communicate with Patients Remotely  

Hinkley and the rest of her team can access Legwork both in-office and remotely. Whether a team member is at home sick, or the office is closed due to weather, Legwork can easily be accessed remotely, making it easy to keep on top of tasks even when employees can’t be in the office.  

“I can go on Legwork from Montana, which I did when we were closed during COVID, and contact my patients and call them or text them and give them a number to call me on,” explains Hinkley.When we had snow days, I could go from home and get into Legwork. So again, I’m stuck at home, nobody can get into the office, I can contact our patients, I can text them, say ‘please call me.’ On a daily basis, it would increase our workload tremendously, and I can’t even think about monthly—it would be more.” 

Improve your Patient Experience and Expedite Business Operations with Legwork 

“Without Legwork, not just my job but the whole team’s jobs would be so much harder. That’s the biggest thing I can say. Get Legwork. It will make your life so much easier, and the job so much easier.”  

Legwork combined with the Planet DDS family of solutions is your one-stop shop for attracting and retaining dental patients. Legwork equips dental teams with user-friendly marketing and patient engagement solutions to streamline daily operations and create a better patient experience. After onboarding with Legwork, you will wonder how your practice ever functioned without it.  

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Download the client success story: Koczarski Family and Aesthetic Dentistry Success Story 

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