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Harnessing Growth Opportunities with the Morning Huddle Dashboard in Denticon Practice Analytics

By Planet DDS
June 15, 2023

Henritze Dental Group, the leader in dental care and Invisalign offerings in South West Virginia, harnessed the power of Denticon Practice Analytics to streamline reporting, obtain key metrics, and identify untapped growth opportunities. With 10 locations across Virginia, Henritze Dental Group recognized the need for a robust analytics tool to optimize their business performance.  

 By leveraging Denticon Practice Analytics with the Morning Huddle Dashboard, they gained valuable insights, enabling them to enhance patient care, drive operational efficiency, and propel their practice to new heights in the competitive dental industry.  

By implementing Denticon Practice Analytics with the Morning Huddle Dashboard, Henritze Dental Group is able to view an easy-to-use dashboard that provides actionable insight into the performance of each office location and provider.   

Data-Driven Decisions for Increase Efficiency   

Kara Trail, the Director of Operations at Henritze shares that her practice needed help with visualizing metrics, tracking KPIs, and easily pulling data across all locations within their organization. Trying to identify production opportunities, track performance by providers, or manipulate data reports proved to be very manual and time-consuming.   

Actionable Data Insights with Denticon Practice Analytics, Morning Huddle Dashboard 

“The Morning Huddle Dashboard has made it so much easier for our team to make sense of data and get at-a-glance visibility of key metrics. We can pull up the dashboard in Denticon and see how we’re trending so we can identify potential production and schedule opportunities, while having more transparency across our organization,” said Kara of Henritze. “To be able to drill down or filter data has made it so much easier to set and track our goals as a team.”   

Each Henritze team member can view the previous day’s performance, the current day’s schedule, and KPI progress tracking for the year and month-to-date. Through this comprehensive dashboard, they can review other key metrics, including scheduled production on upcoming working days, schedule utilization, patient exams, and outstanding AR.  

Discovering Growth Opportunities and Increasing Transparency 

Armed with the new Denticon Morning Huddle Dashboard, Henritze Dental Group can hold quick and effective morning huddle meetings to quickly reflect on the previous day, identify production opportunities for the day, and plan for the next few working days. If certain providers are not meeting their production goals, the team can determine what potential opportunities there are to help increase efficiency.   

“The increased transparency has really helped our team rally around our shared goals. The dashboard helps both the front desk team and clinicians clearly understand where they can focus their efforts and work together to achieve team goals,” said Trail. “It’s also been a great tool to give recognition for a job well done by team members.”   

Convenient Reporting and Analytics 

Before having the Morning Huddle Dashboard, Henritze Dental Group didn’t have a simple way to view practice data and quickly identify growth opportunities.  

With the new dashboard, their team can easily click and drill down by practice location or provider and view case acceptance rates, patient visits, provider performance, and more.   

Filling Gaps in Scheduling   

One of the overarching struggles for many dental practices is gaps in the schedule due to last-minute cancellations. With a holistic view of the current day and the next day’s schedule, the front desk team can quickly see any gaps in the day and work to bring patients in to ensure a full schedule.    

“One of the best things about having the Morning Huddle Dashboard within Denticon is that it’s all connected within a single solution. It’s easy to review the dashboard, run a report for patients who have accepted treatment but have not yet scheduled an appointment, send text messages through Denticon, and book the first person to respond,” explained Trail. “Having an all-in-one practice management solution has helped us become more streamlined as an organization and having visibility of metrics across all locations has been a key component of our workflow.”    


The Denticon Morning Huddle Dashboard has become a game-changer for the Henritze organization, providing unparalleled visibility into practice data. With this powerful tool at their disposal, Henritze Dental Group has experienced a remarkable transformation, boosting transparency, saving valuable time, and identifying growth opportunities. Check out the PDF of this success story here.

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