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Grillo Robeck Dental Experiences 100% Increase In New Patients Using Legwork

By Planet DDS
August 18, 2022

When Dr. Greg Grillo’s father retired from his 48-year career in dentistry in 2013, it was his turn to run Grillo Robeck Dental in Omak, WA. To grow the family practice, Dr. Grillo turned to Legwork solutions to modernize the practice’s workflows. Legwork solutions helped Grillo Robeck Dentistry run more efficiently and become a recognizable brand in their community.  

“Legwork took a practice with a strong reputation and history and gave it a voice in the modern age,” says Dr. Grillo, “Thanks to the experience the Legwork team has with dentistry, we evolved into a more efficient, recognizable brand. And the tools for success have just kept coming.” 

Since partnering with Legwork, Grillo Robeck Dental has experienced a 100% increase in new patients, a 40% growth in hygiene production, and a 25% reduction in no-shows. Grillo Robeck Dental already had half a century of success, but Legwork solutions gave the practice the tools to thrive in the twenty-first century. Dr. Grillo relies on Legwork to engage with patients and consistently get new patients in the door so his team can focus on patient care.  

Save Time with Automated Marketing 

Like many private dental practices, Grillo Robeck Dental doesn’t have a marketing coordinator on staff, so marketing efforts often took a backseat to more pressing issues. It was challenging for Dr. Grillo to effectively promote the practice without a comprehensive marketing solution in place.  

“I don’t have time to produce a steady stream of posts for any platform,” explains Grillo. “Automated marketing takes a huge load off our minds and syncs vital components that drive attraction to our practices.” 

Legwork marketing solutions orchestrated the growth of Grillo Robeck Dental’s social media audience, online reviews, and patient referrals. Dr. Grillo and his team don’t have to worry about staying up on marketing campaigns. Legwork solutions effortlessly engage current patients and generate new patient leads. 

“Legwork Campaigns keep patients engaged with our practice at every stage of their journey. Ready-made social posts, email workflows, assessments, blog articles, and more do the work of a full-time content team.” 

Collect Patient Data with Paperless Forms 

Dr. Grillo understood the annoyance of filling out physical paperwork before an appointment. Not only do patients find it inconvenient, but his staff also prefers to not retrieve, copy, and refill forms for each patient. 

“Online intake forms offer the ultimate convenience. Patients can sit on their couch the night before their visit and fill out their health history, patient information, and HIPAA acknowledgment forms. When they step through the door, they’re immediately ready for the operatory.” 

Legwork paperless forms allow patients at his practice to fill out forms online before their appointment, streamlining the patient intake process.  

Increase Profits without Acquiring New Patients with Legwork Treatment Opportunities  

Although many patients fully intend on completing treatment plans, without a proper follow-up, treatments can get forgotten. When Dr. Grillo first ran a treatment opportunity report on Legwork, he discovered that there were seven figures worth of unfinished treatments sitting dormant in his charts.  

“Legwork Treatment Opportunities helps us solve a significant productivity drain. With a bit of digging, we can probably find reports showing unfinished treatment plans within your dental practice management software,” Grillo explains, “but Treatment Opportunities streamline what happens next. We can generate procedure-specific resorts, isolate results, and send personalized email and text messages from the same dashboard.” 

Attracting new patients is an investment both financially and in time. However, acquiring new patients isn’t the only strategy for increasing profits. Dr. Grillo was pleased to discover a significant amount of profit opportunities in his existing patient base he can follow up on. 

Grow Your Patient Base and Improve Workflows with Legwork 

“In a changing world, Legwork’s support feels more essential than before,” says Dr. Grillo. “A group of passionate people that know dentistry and the challenges we face? That’s who I want on my team.” 

Legwork combined with the Planet DDS family of solutions is your one-stop shop for attracting and retaining dental patients. Legwork equips dental teams with user-friendly marketing and patient engagement solutions to streamline daily operations and create a better patient experience. After onboarding with Legwork, you will wonder how your practice ever functioned without it.  

Click here to book a Legwork demo and learn how Legwork solutions can help you enhance your patients’ experience while saving time and money.  

Download the client success story: Grillo Robeck Success Story 

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