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Cloud Capabilities of Denticon Help Progressive Dental Management Scale and Grow

By Planet DDS
January 5, 2022

At a Glance


  • Current practice management solution couldn’t easily scale
  • Server-based practice management solution was creating a bottleneck
  • Sought an all-in-one simplified solution for staff and providers


Denticon Practice Management Solution


  • Denticon provided a SaaS solution that could easily be implemented across offices
  • Cloud-based Denticon gave Progressive Dental Management reliable, anytime access to data
  • Planet DDS team understood the needs of the DSO, dentists, and staff, and with their all-in-one solution, allowed Progressive Dental Management to scale and grow faster


Progressive Dental Management (formerly Perfect Dental Management) is a multi-location dental service organization in the New England area co-founded by Dmitry Burshteyn 11 years ago. This DSO has general dentistry and multi-specialty practices within the organization.

By switching to Denticon practice management solution by Planet DDS, Progressive Dental Management was able to leverage cloud-based Denticon to scale with the growth of the DSO, increase collaboration, and improve the patient experience.

“Denticon has been a huge win for us. Having a cloud-based solution took away the bottleneck of servers. I had spent so much time, money, and resources building infrastructure but I realized it starts with the practice management solution. You need to start with a practice management solution like Denticon that can scale with you. It’s so important to focus on where you want to be tomorrow, not just today,” explained Dmitry Burshteyn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Dental Management.

Building a Partnership

As Progressive Dental Management looked at different practice management solutions, they conducted extensive research to determine whether the solution was right for their organization and also to ensure that the team behind the solution was also a good fit.

“What I loved most about the Denticon team was that it wasn’t about them trying to make a sale. My team and I had 100 questions; they had 101 answers, which helped me feel much more comfortable. We’ve had many thoughtful conversations between the Denticon team and Progressive Dental Management. They believed in us, and they invested in our growth.”

Finding a Solution Designed for Growth

Progressive Dental Management needed to find a solution that could scale from 10 to even 100 practices. With this in mind, Dmitry focused on cloud-based practice management solutions that could easily scale with the growth of Progressive Dental Management.

Meeting the Needs of Providers and Staff

Progressive Dental Management needed a practice management solution that would empower the entire organization.

“I believe we’ve had strong growth because we’ve listened to the needs of our providers, clinical staff, and support staff. It’s a team effort. Denticon helped with this tremendously because it’s designed to meet the needs of DSOs, dentists, and staff. They believed in Progressive Dental Management,” said Dmitry of his experience with the Denticon team.

“I only wish we had begun using with Denticon from the very beginning. The cloud capabilities of Denticon are what has allowed us to grow at this rate.”

Benefits of Centralization

Denticon has also helped enable more collaboration among the providers at Progressive Dental Management.

“Denticon has allowed for more collaboration between providers, specifically specialists when receiving referrals. With the cloud platform, specialists who hadn’t yet seen the patients could review patient records and X-rays from anywhere to prepare for upcoming appointments.” said Dmitry.

“With Denticon being cloud-based, all our specialists are able to go online and review everything beforehand, so they’re ready to go, knowing exactly what they’re going to do when the patient arrives. This has really helped us with how we deliver care to patients.”

Connecting offices on one centralized system has helped Progressive Dental Management offer a better patient experience throughout all of their offices. Centralizing has helped Progressive Dental Management maintain a single record for each patient, accessible from all locations.

“Previously, it wasn’t as smooth of a process when a patient moved and went to a different office within our organization. Now, with Denticon, it doesn’t matter which office patients visit because we have everything accessible at each location. It’s easier for us and a much better experience for our patients.”

Recommending Denticon

For organizations looking for a solution that can scale, Dmitry recommends taking time to research any solution to ensure a good fit.

“We’ve opened several offices this year and it’s been really amazing. It is probably one of the easiest things we do when we first open a practice.”

“Obviously, I’m very excited about Denticon. I think it’s been a great solution that’s allowed my company to grow tremendously. But that’s because my team and I took the time and energy to research what I wanted to get out of Denticon,” said Dmitry. “So, I would recommend asking questions so you can really understand the power of what Denticon can do to help your office or organization grow.”


Download the case study: Progressive Dental Case Study-Denticon Client Success

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