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Why Use quip Toothbrushes As A New Dental Patient Incentive

By Planet DDS
January 13, 2022

By Dr. Greg Grillo

The traditional oral health product market offers reliable brands that produce healthy results. But sometimes a fresh approach resonates with patients and rejuvenates tired habits like tooth brushing. New designs and options can help patients renew their focus on wellness, and that helps us fulfill our profession’s mission.

Discover What 8 Million Users Already Know

If you’re like me, you’ve heard about quip and haven’t looked too closely yet. But it’s time we pay attention to the buzz. Over 8 million brushers have already chosen the innovator in the market. Big retailers see quip units fly off the shelf, and several thousand dental offices have witnessed the difference that another option makes.  The timed sonic vibrations enhance plaque removal, and the mirror mount is a simple reminder to brush your teeth.  Better yet, quip opens doors without shutting other options out.  Think about the patients in your practice who still use a manual brush. That’s about 80% of the population. They may be cleaning on par with battery-powered and electric brush users, but most of them could use a little help. And some of them have resisted the cost or size of classic electric models. A quip brush feels familiar. And a gentle brushing technique that includes electric oscillations protects delicate tissues against abrasion and recession.  The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe how clean my teeth felt. And I loved the brilliant functionality of the pop-up refillable floss dispenser. The extra space in my toiletry bag when I recently packed for a weekend trip caught my attention, too.

Is quip A Good Toothbrush For My Patients?

quip has racked up over 25,000 five-star reviews, accolades from Time Magazine as one of the top 25 inventions, and recognition from GQ as the Best Toothbrush. The ADA Seal of Acceptance covers it, and research backs it up.  One randomized controlled pilot study compared results from three electric models and showed that they all significantly reduced plaque levels compared to the group using a manual toothbrush. In addition, quip users in the pilot study had greater improvements in their gingival index compared to the other groups after four weeks.* We’ve witnessed the excellent results of electric toothbrushes in our patients, and we know that patients use what resonates with them. But quip fills a wide lane in the oral health product market by embracing key trends and technology:

  1. quip toothbrushes offer the low cost, lightweight, and simplicity of a manual brush with the benefits of an electric model.
  2. Users appreciate soft nylon bristles, sensitive vibrations, a built-in two minute timer, and 30-second pulses to guide balanced cleaning through each quadrant.
  3. Everyone values the 3-month battery with affordable brush heads ($5 delivered!), a lifetime warranty, and an automated refill plan.
  4. A clean, common-sense design eliminates confusing modes, cords, and bulky chargers earns widespread respect.
  5. All ages find an option that works with adult and child models, an array of colors, and a Smart Brush + quip app version.

quip brushes present a sleek, familiar, and comfortable style, but they feature a 15,000 RPM vibration to break down plaque. It’s next-level oral homecare with flexibility for the masses. Some people use quip all the time while others use them as a travel option only; their travel case makes them easy to take camping, hiking, or on a cross-country flight. The options fit today’s consumers in more ways than one.

Discover How To Use The quip Toothbrush For Your Dental Practice Growth

quip brings a brilliant opportunity to grow our practices and motivate patients in every demographic . Millennials value simple, affordable, tech-savvy options for healthcare. Gen Xers give their loyalty to innovative brands that enhance the health of their families, and Baby Boomers want to protect their wellness. A fresh, clean approach to oral health helps all generations enjoy the benefits of better oral health.  Offer new patients a free quip brush with their first visit to enhance traditional attraction campaigns. Add an offer that motivates overdue patients to return for follow-up. That’s the approach one practice took this past year, and they tracked an 18% increase in new patients and a 15% increase in retention. They learned a cost-effective strategy that can help our practices stand out, too.  quip toothbrushes introduce patients to another home care option that simply works better in many hands. But that’s just the start.  quip’s exceptional product line includes refillable floss dispensers, mouthwash, and gum. I’m especially impressed with their SLS-free toothpaste that combines sodium fluoride and xylitol, a decisive 1-2 punch against oral disease. Consider introducing additional quip products at follow-up appointments or as incentives for return visits. The growing family of products creates an innovative approach for our practices that quipsters quickly embrace.

Meet Patients Where They Are

We know our patients don’t always change their toothbrushes on schedule, and their oral health suffers as bristles lose their effectiveness. With only a third of patients brushing more than once a day with an average duration of 45 seconds , there’s room for improvement. Surveys show that quip users brush twice a day for two minutes 92.5%% of the time.** Imagine the dream scenario of our patients getting a new electric toothbrush head and battery delivered every three months for $5. And what if they could customize subscription bundles with quip’s exceptional product line? Could this be the system that helps them brush longer, more frequently, and with more consistent results?   That’s the quip reality, and it’s a win-win for our patients and our practices!

* Reference: Assessing clinical effectiveness of a novel powered toothbrush -a randomized controlled pilot study (2020, Data on file) 

** Self-reported evaluation of a novel power toothbrush (2020, Data on file)

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