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What is a Net Promoter Score?

By Planet DDS
June 6, 2019
Our latest feature lets you calculate and view your practice’s Net Promoter Score and identify the sentiments of your patients. But what is this score, and how can you use it to provide a great patient experience?

What is a Net Promoter Score?

A Net Promoter Score “measures customer experience and predicts business growth” by asking your patients how likely they’d be to refer your practice to friends and family. It provides tangible and actionable insights into your patients’ overall satisfaction with your dental practice.

How is an NPS score calculated?

Patients are asked to rate how likely they are to refer your dental practice to a friend or family member.

This one question has been found to be an effective indicator repeat purchase and referrals across industries. It skips the complexity of longer surveys, and provides a clear view into how patients feel about your practice. Based on their answer, patients are organized into one of three categories: Promoters, Neutrals and Detractors.

Promoters are patients who respond with a score of 9 or 10. These patients had an amazing experience at your dental practice, and are up to three times more likely to make repeated, high production value visits. They’re enthusiastic about your practice, and will likely refer you to friends and family.

Neutrals are patients who respond with a score of 7 or 8. While they didn’t have a negative experience, they didn’t receive an exceptionally positive one either. They were satisfied with their visit, but are unlikely to refer someone and could easily switch to a different provider. These patients can provide valuable feedback that will help you improve the experience your practice provides.

Detractors are patients who respond with a score of 6 or below. These patients did not have an exceptional experience with your practice. As a result, they are unlikely to visit your practice again, and may describe it negatively to others. In order to avoid similar pitfalls in the future, use this score to reach out to your detractors to try to find out what went wrong.

The Legwork feature automatically calculates your Net Promoter Score by subtracting the percentage of patients who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters.

This results in a score between -100 and 100. For example, suppose you have 20 patients total. If 10 of those patients are considered promoters based on their response, 8 are considered neutrals, and 2 are considered detractors, that would give your office a Net Promoter Score of 30–a great score! But how do you turn that score into practice growth?

How to Use Your Net Promoter Score

You can use your Net Promoter Score to gauge the health of your practice, identify ways to improve, and boost reviews and referrals.

With this system, you know exactly which patients are most likely to promote your practice. Equipped with this information, requesting reviews is a breeze. Your promoters’ category lists all your happiest patients in one place, allowing you to ask the right patients for a review every time.


When it comes to advertising, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends more than any other source. That means your happiest patients are your most valuable marketing resource. Now that you’ve identified them, it’s time to ask them for a referral. Referrals are a potent tool for practice growth; referrals schedule higher production appointments and greater lifetime value with your practice. A Net Promoter Score helps you attract more high-value new patients.


Net Promoter Score shows if you’re delivering positive, memorable experiences for your patients. If your score is low, that means you need to make changes and improve what you’re offering. Take patient feedback into account and use your score as an indication of the health of your practice so you can guide patients through their dental journey better than your competition does.

The Net Promoter Score is a powerful tool for any business, and we’re excited to offer this feature to you at Legwork! Schedule a demo today and learn more about how NPS will accelerate your practice’s growth!