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Stay Connected With Your Dental Patients, Even on Snow Days!

By Planet DDS
February 4, 2021

Giant flakes float down and the road is completely iced over. For dental practice Office Managers, this scene creates a feeling of responsibility for letting patients who have appointments know whether or not the practice will be open.

Lynn*, the Office Manager of a private dental practice that uses desktop-based software, sees the snow falling at 3:30 AM and wishes there’s a way to get in touch with patients to let them know they don’t need to risk their lives on the icy roads for a routine cleaning. She regrets that she didn’t print off a list of everyone who was scheduled this week so you could call and email them. However, she’s hesitant to carry physical copies of patient info with her for fear of violating HIPAA. Thankful for her spouse’s 4-wheel drive, she decides to bundle up and make her way slowly to the office where she spends several hours contacting patients, recording a voice message, and setting up an automated message for email communications in case the snow lasts all week.

Meanwhile, Hope* rises well-rested at her usual hour, wraps a blanket around her shoulders, pours dark roasted coffee into her favorite mug, and sets to work messaging patients. Since the dental practice where she’s an Office Manager uses Legwork, she’s able to remote access everything she needs to communicate with patients, all while enjoying the backdrop of a winter wonderland!

Hope pulls up patient information on her home computer, knowing it’s securely stored on the cloud-based server. Then she goes through the list, calling, emailing, and texting patients with a link to online booking so they can reschedule their appointments. When patients respond by text, she’s able to securely message them back from her computer, using Legwork Two-Way Text Messaging . She notices another patient hasn’t completed their health history, so directs them to fill it out using Legwork Paperless forms . She’s updated everyone without ever leaving her warm home.

Remote access to Legwork dental software is a perk many office teams appreciate. As Office Manager Maggie noted recently in an interview, “When we had snow days, I could go from home and get into Legwork.” Whether snowed in, working from home during COVID, or traveling, dental office staff love that they can view their schedule and message patients from anywhere!

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*Characters are fictional