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XrayVision® Scanner Support for Film Radiographs

By Planet DDS
April 18, 2019

Today’s advanced imaging devices provide dental professionals with the ability to quickly and conveniently acquire clear, high-resolution stills in a way which has never before been possible. But what about established practices that have a large log of older film radiographs from a time before digital imaging was the norm? XrayVision® scanner support is here to help with your move to digital.

If your office has decided to go digital, transitioning your older patient records from a physical platform into a digital imaging software is a process which can present major headaches for you and your staff. Because of this, XrayVision® scanner support software has been designed to facilitate the scanning and processing of older film radiographs so that they can be uploaded to modern digital image programs. This feature will streamline your practice’s transition to digital by enabling the processing and storage of all your patient data – both old and new – into a single database for easy access and organization.

XrayVision’s scanner support for archiving existing film radiographs makes your practice’s move to digital a lot less daunting. All your patient data can be digitized and organized seamlessly across your digital imaging and practice management platforms quickly and easily.

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