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NameGrabber by LED Apteryx: A Patent-Pending “Bridge” to Any Windows Practice Management Program

By Planet DDS
April 11, 2019

Managing patient data is a top priority of any dental practice. Due to the vast array of technologies currently available, streamlining your patient data storage and access can be difficult and time consuming. NameGrabber and DataGrabber are two bridging technologies inside the award winning XrayVision software package that are designed to ensure that your data can be seamlessly recorded, transferred and viewed between your imaging software and practice management system.

Both NameGrabber and Datagrabber can bridge any Windows-based practice management program. They’re what enables your imaging and practice management software platforms to integrate with each other and coordinate your patient data. This saves time by ensuring that you or your staff only need to input patient data into a single platform; NameGrabber/Datagrabber will do the rest by pulling all of your patient data from your imaging software into your practice management software (or vice versa).

The world of imaging software is constantly evolving. New products are released and updated constantly which can create alignment and integration issues between different software solutions. Namegrabber/Datagrabber will continue to work as expected – even if two different imaging or practice management software systems update and change over time.

LED Apteryx XrayVision brings a whole new level of reliability and efficiency to patient data transfer and management.  Each dental practice is unique and there’s no surefire selection of devices that suits every situation. XrayVision allows you to use whatever technologies work best for you and your practice while still ensuring the seamless integration of your patient data across your network.

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